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I told Alex he shouldn't have gone to the flat. I told him. Of course, I wasn't expecting to be listened to. I know how much Angelina meant to him. He did drag me around every jeweller's in town - twice - looking for a ring she might like.

He never did buy it, though.

When he saw the price tag on the one he liked, he almost fainted. He decided to save for it, instead, saying it would be worth it to see her face when she saw it.  

I tried to see him in hospital today, but they wouldn't let me, he was unconscious, there was no point, apparently.

I'd have stuck around, but as understanding as my boss is, I don't think she would have been too happy if I'd skipped work to sit next to an unconscious guy. They told me he'll live, though, and that they'll call me if there's any news.

I was still at work when they called to tell me that he had woken up despite the impossibility of it due to the fact that his temperature, heart rate and blood pressure had all dropped way below a healthy human being's. I was home for the call that told me had disappeared, however.

"Missing?" I ask stupidly, trying to comprehend how a guy who should be in a coma had just got up and left.

"Yeah... The nurse turned his back for a minute to help the patient two beds down and he said the next thing he knew, the alarms on Alex's machines were going off and he was gone." I practically have a heart attack when there's a knock on the door. I regain my breath and tell them I have to go and I hope they find him soon before hanging up.

Pushing through all the junk that clutters my hallway, I manage to get to the door in one piece. Opening the door nearly gives me another heart attack though.

Alex doesn't wait to be asked in, simply walking in and plonking himself down on the sofa. I stand there a moment, blinking at the hallway beyond my door before closing it again and going into the living room, gazing at my best friend in shock. He's sitting with his head in his hands, pushing his fingers back through his hair a bit, staring at the floor. When I sit down, he looks up at me, his eyes haunted.

"Uh... hi." I can't think of anything else to say. "Shouldn't you be in hospital? They're panicking about how you just went missing." Ooh. My brain came up with something else to say. He just shakes his head and looks back at the floor.

"I couldn't handle it in there. The smell... the noise..." he trails off, closing his eyes as if trying to block out the sounds and smells of the place again, though we're actually quite a ways off from the hospital.

"Hospitals are like that," I shrug, sitting in the arm chair across from him, "they're always noisy and smelly, but they're there to make you get better, and sitting in my living room is hardly going to help." I keep my berating to a minimum, but I can't help it.

"A hospital can't help me," he murmurs and I feel my eyes widen, the pieces of information clicking together. I get up and sit down next to him, wrapping my arms around him in a firm hug. Strictly platonic.

The End

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