Four feet away.Mature



"How sweet," Jesse's voice speaks now, while we wait for him to decide what to do with us.

"You said I could take her and go. Why'd you close the door?" I ask in a voice that I try to dress in confidence, but the shoddy facade is so easily seen through.

"Y'know I was thinking, while I was waiting for you," he informs me.

"That must've hurt," I mutter, unable to stop myself. He gives a soft murmur of laughter at my words before continuing as though I never interrupted him.

"I was thinking about how you might not keep your promise. Because what's the word of a hunter to a vampire?" He takes a step forward and I flick my wrist up, shining the tiny torch beam at him. He lifts a hand to shield his eyes from the light, dropping it again when he adjusts to the brightness.

"It's not about whether I'm a hunter, though. It's about the word of a particular individual; me." I point out, hoping that talking might get us out safely. Of course, my voice shakes, but wouldn't yours?

"A particular individual who hates vampires with a passion." This is true. I have my reasons, but Jesse chooses to ignore this.

"Angelina means more to me than hunting scum like you," I spit, and his face twists into amused disgust. Y'know, the day she went missing was the day I was going to propose to her. It was supposed to be a good day. Fucking vampires. They don't just leave behind the bodies of those they drain, they leave behind the broken families or people who cared about those that died. Sometimes I wonder if they enjoy that.

The nurse waves a hand above me, trying to get my attention. Vaguely in the back of my mind, the heart monitor is going nuts and the nurse's face is worried. I don't respond, too lost in the memory to care much about what they have to say to me.

"Of course she does. Which is why I have to do this, I'm afraid." He smiles and flickers out of view. Angelina screams as she's ripped from my arms and falls silent in a heartbeat.


He didn't just kill her...?

I'm on my feet before I even realise it, beside her motionless body. I crouch and cradle her in my arms, cursing Jesse loudly. She gurgles at me quietly. Whatever it is she's trying to say doesn't come out and all I hear is her breath bubbling through the blood pumping from her neck.

It doesn't take long for her breaths to stop and I can't cry. All I feel is rage, the adrenaline driving it through me the way I want to drive my knife into Jesse's throat. I lower her to the floor and stand up, facing the vampire. He doesn't look happy with what he's done, but it's not like he regrets it. All he regrets is not drinking her blood.

I dropped the torch and held my knife ready, taking a breath before I lunge at Jesse. His friends show themselves and help him bring me down. Cheat!

Blood is spilt. And I'm left on the floor unable to stand or help myself, less than four feet away from Angelina.

As I leave the memory, the machine behind me calms down and the nurse gives me a dubious once over, before waving the police woman back over.

"Alex. I know this is hard. But you have to remember. We have to catch them; otherwise someone else may not be as lucky as you," I look at her. I remain silent for a while, my eyes drifting back to the ceiling.

‘I remember nothing,' I state bluntly, my voice dull, the lie hidden in my voice.  

The End

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