I’m not entirely sure how I ended up in bed with him again. I’d say maybe he was just one of those guys, but I might’ve drunk quite a lot of alcohol after hanging up on him. By ‘might’ve’ I mean ‘definitely’. I didn’t want to talk when he got here; I just needed someone to tell me things would be okay.

He must’ve done a pretty good job of it because here I am, breathing heavily into the crook of his neck with his arms around me. He’s tracing patterns in the sweat on my back, making me shiver occasionally when it tickles.

“See? I’m not a bad guy, Maxxie,” he smiles, brushing my hair back.

“Who is, then?” I ask, moving my head so it rests on his chest.

He lets out a sigh, “Would you believe me if I told you it was Alex?”

“No,” I tell him.

“Then for you, there is no bad guy.”

The End

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