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I can’t believe Brody’s a vampire. What was he gonna do, just use me for blood and sex? I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything more, really, it’s just... that morning, watching the sun rise together. It felt like it should be more than sex, even though I don’t know him much beyond his name and the size of his dick.

Despite that, I was still wrapped up in a duvet cocoon with a tub of ice cream andEverybody Loves Raymondon the comedy channel, because y’know, I wasn’t enough of a girl already.

I’d gotten a couple of texts from Brody, but I’d ignored them. I didn’t want to, but I would only end up being nice to him, and I’m mad at him. Fucking vampires. Alex excepted, of course, regardless of whether Jess thinks I need to stay away from him or not. That said, I don’t even know where he is, only that he has something to do with Brody, and I don’t know what that is.

I close my eyes and whine. All this thinking was hurting my head. Mind you, that might be the brain freeze from all the ice cream, but y’know. Putting the tub down on the coffee table, I curl up on the sofa and watch as my phone buzzes along the edge of the table.

As it falls off, I see the caller ID flashing Brody’s name at me. Apparently the floor knows how to answer a phone now, because it stops ringing and I can hear Brody’s tinny voice coming out of the speaker. Guess it fell on the green button. That, or there’s a ghost in my house that hates me.

“Maxxie? Are you there?” Brody asks.

I sigh, and give in. “Brody,” I mumble, lying so I can put the phone down next to me instead of holding it.

“Max,” he sounds relieved, “how are you?” I don’t say anything. Did that really need answering? “How mad at me are you?”

“Pretty mad.”

“I was gonna tell you eventually,” he tells me, “I had no idea you knew about all this stuff. It’s not the sort of thing you tell people very often, y’know? And not after spending like two nights together.”

“Well when would you have told me? When I woke up with your teeth in my neck?”

“We don’t have-”

“I know you don’t have fangs” I snap, “you know what I mean.” There’s a pretty long pause.

“I don’t know, Maxxie. At some point.” Yeah, that’s great, Brody. “Can I come over?”

“What, d’you expect me to just fall back into bed with you like it doesn’t matter?”

“It’d be nice, but no.” I wasn’t about to admit that it would indeed be nice. I shook my head, trying to dislodge the desire to sit out on the roof and watch the sun with him again. “Please, Max?”

The End

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