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Brody sulked after that. I sit in the middle of the room, watching him. He’s stood by the door so I can’t get out, but he’s distracted, staring out of the window moodily. I hope he realised I wasn’t bluffing. I would quite happily stake him outside in the sun if he hurt Maxxie again. In fact, I’d be happy enough making anyone that hurt him wish they were never born.

I pass the wait with thoughts of pulverising Brody’s pretty face, still watching him. I don’t think I want to know how he knows Maxxie. But judging by what I can see of the guy’s body, he seems like the type Maxxie would go for. They guy was always kinda vain about the guys he got into bed with.

Still, at least I know Maxxie’s safe, for now.

I’d come up with maybe thirteen or so different ways I’d make Brody suffer by the time someone came up to get me.

“Come with me,” this tiny girl orders, poking her head around the door, her dark eyes focussing on me with curiosity and fear. Seriously, what is it with me that makes vampires have such a weird reaction? They can’t have all heard of me, right?

I get to my feet and follow her shirt and leggings ensemble down the hallway and down the flight of stairs. She’s a good foot shorter than I am, and moves with all the grace of a ballerina. If it weren’t for the casual blood stains on her arms and shirt, and the dark circles I caught a glimpse of around her eyes, I’d have maybe said she was indeed a dancer. She probably was before Cancer met her.

She opens the door to the apartment Cancer was in before and turns to give me a heroin smile. And that’s not a metaphor for how addictive it was; she was definitely far from sober. I walk inside and wonder what I’ve been called down for at last. 

The End

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