More than a tanMature



So I didn't get that en-suite I asked for. I didn't get a mattress either. No such luxuries for me.

But at least this room isn't painted with junkie vom. That's something I s'pose.

Apparently I'm not trusted on my own. Brody's stayed in here, watching me almost thoughtfully from the other side of the room. I asked him what he's staring at me for, but he just shrugged, looked away for a moment and then went back to watching me.

If only vampires had all those powers that fiction gives them, eh? Then I'd just read his mind and find out.

I resigned myself to not finding out a couple of hours ago, though, and we've been sat in silence for about the same amount of time. Brody's being boring. When he wouldn't tell me why he was staring, I asked him how he got his wicked tan being a vampire n all. ‘Factor fifty' he replied. Figures, I guess.

Brody's phone rings again and he picks up, shooting me a look that says if I take advantage of his distraction, I'm a dead man.

"Hey, d-" he's cut off. His face pales a little - as much as a vampire can pale when he's covered in factor fifty sun lotion and a tan. "What're you talking about?" he asks uncertainly. A tinny voice shouts at him down the speaker, but I can't make out what he's saying from here. "Just calm down, and tell me what the fuck you're on about."

We both wait as the person on the other end does their best to explain in calmer tones what it is they're talking about. Brody glances at me, an almost worried look in his brown eyes. And then he turns away, avoiding my questioning gaze.

"No. Have you been watching horror movies on your own or something?" I edge closer, trying to hear better what's being said on the other end. "Don't be ridiculous, doll."

"I'm not being ridiculous!" I hear the other person shouting again, "just tell me!" Maxxie? What the...? How does Brody know Max? More importantly, why's Brody calling him ‘doll'?

"I told you!" Brody snaps, trying to keep calm himself.

"Then why'd I hear Alex in the background earlier?" Maxxie asks, nearly hysterical. Oh my god, just go back to London and give the dork a hug, Brody, you dumb fuck.

"You didn't hear Alex. Listen, go have a cold shower and have a nap or something. I'll be back soon." I scowl at Brody's back.

"Don't lie, Brody," I say sweetly, snatching the phone from him. "Max," I smile slightly, moving out of Brody's reach.

"Alex!" he cries, "where are you?"

"No idea. I gave up paying attention when I ran through Ipswich five times in one day," I mutter, forcing a slight laugh.

"I wish you could come back to London," he mumbles, sounding dangerously close to depressed, "I seem to manage to attract vampires whether you're here or not. Even if the prick won't admit it. He is, isn't he? A vampire I mean."

"Yeah, yeah he is," I nod and remember he can't see. Brody flashes me a look that says he gives up and sighs.

"Of all the people the bastard could have picked, why me?" he asks and I glance at Brody.

"He smelt good," the vampire mutters under his breath and my expression darkens. His eyes widen, alarmed and he shakes his head. "I didn't drink from him!" he promises and I focus back on the phone.

"I dunno, Max. Sorry." He sniffles and I feel strangely guilty. Which is when I realise just how much we're there for each other usually.

"S'okay," he sniffs again and there's a silence. I can't think of anything to say and Maxxie's too busy trying not to cry over the phone to talk. "I'm gonna go," he says quietly, "tell Brody to fuck off." And then he's gone. I throw Brody's phone at him and scowl.

"Go anywhere near my best friend ever again and I'll make sure that next time you go out in the sun you get more than a tan."


The End

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