I wait two days before calling Brody. Well, I hardly want to come across as too attached, do I?

"Hey, doll," he answered, "you okay?"

"I'm bored," I whine.

"Well that's no good, eh? Can't have you being bored. I'll be back in a few day's time. Think you can hang on that long?" I can hear others in the background as he talks, a voice complaining loudly and another shouting.

"I dunno. Depends how bored I get. Where are you?" I ask, a little concerned as I hear the complaining voice cry out in pain.

"Remember I said my friend was having a little trouble with that new guy?" I murmur an ‘uh-huh', only half paying attention to his words as I hear another scream, louder than the last. I'm trying to place that voice... it seems kinda familiar. "Well new guy just broke his wrist, ‘cause he's an idiot."

‘New guy' sounds a lot like someone I'm hoping it's not.

"Oh," I mutter, "what happened?"

"He looked like he was about to try and get away, so he got pushed over."

"Huh. He sounds a lot like someone I know." A lot like the guy I've crushed on since I was fourteen. Please don't be Alex. Please don't be involved with Alex, Brody.

"Pretty sure you don't know the guy, doll. I'd be surprised if you knew anyone like him. You don't seem like the type." There's a type that hangs out with vampires now is there?

"And you're the ‘type'?" I'm beginning to wish it was something illegal. Please be something fucking illegal.

No more vampires, please.

"Mmm," he hums, distracted for a moment. I hear the familiar voice swearing vehemently, and my fears are pretty much confirmed.

"Alex," I whisper. My hand sort of shakes.


"New guy. Is it Alex? My god, tell me it's not Alex."

"Doll, I dunno what you're on about. Can we talk later?" I don't bother replying, I just hang up. I drop my phone on the sofa beside me and bury my head in my hands. Why do I always attract so much fucking trouble?

I groan at myself, trying to think of reasons that he might be there with Alex. Perhaps it's only his mate that's a vampire and they're just friends, same as me and Alex. Or at least, same as me and Alex if he was still in London.

And he has a tan. That's gotta count for something, right? Vampires can't go out in the sun for more than an hour without burning. And even then it's uncomfortable for that whole hour.

I can't even find a fuck buddy that isn't a fucking vampire, can I? Why don't I just get a neon sign to walk around with that says "vampire attraction" or something? 


The End

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