So why was that step back a mistake?

Because they thought I was about to bolt, that's why.

Cancer glanced at Brody and the beach vampire threw himself at me. I put my hand out to break the fall, but I fell at an awkward angle and the only thing that this particular move broke, was my wrist.

It took a moment to realise that the stomach churning cracking noise was from me. Until the pain kicked in.

"Now look what you made me do," Brody tuts over my howling. Cancer chuckles and somewhere above me a phone rings. My wailing is reduced to gasping breaths as I realise my wrist is already healing. But it's all in the wrong position. I make a noise that sounds horribly like a whimper as I gaze at my hand, horrified.

Cancer crouches beside me and picks up my hand, brushing off my loud swearing at him as he sends a nauseating wave of pain down my arm. He presses his fingers into the break, snapping the bone again.

"If you try anything," he says in a warning tone, tapping my wrist gently with one finger, "I'll break every bone in your body and leave you for the sun rise. Okay?" I grit my teeth to stop myself from crying out as his tapping gets harder. I nod, just to make him stop playing with me. "Good," he hums, twisting my bone until it's in the right place.

I try to roll away from him to make the pain stop, but he holds on and Brody's foot plants itself in the middle of my chest, holding me down. The small fire that had ignited in my arm when it'd first broken was nothing. An icy burn races up and down my arm now, twisting my stomach up so tight that that begins to hurt too.

And then it's over, replaced by a dull ache. Cancer has my wrist sandwiched between his palms and Brody presses down on my chest a little - almost threateningly - before removing his foot. I breathe hard, glaring up at the beach vampire for making me break my wrist in the first place.

"There. That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Cancer laughs slightly, letting go of me. "Don't do anything too strenuous with it - it'll take most of the day to heal properly." I say nothing. I'm not really in the mood to humour him.

And then I remember that he might actually teach me to survive.

So I mumble a quiet ‘okay'.

"Take him upstairs, Brody. I'm expecting a visitor soon. I don't think he'd appreciate doing business with me so much if he knew Alex was here."

"Sure," Brody says, nudging me with his toe, "get up." I hesitate for a second. He nudges me again, harder, and I push myself up.

Upstairs, eh? I put on a bit of false cheer and ask for an en-suite room.  


The End

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