Beach vampire pulls me to some apartment block that looks fit to be knocked down. Y'know those sort of council apartment blocks that've been around for fifty years too long and no one's done any maintenance to it since it was built. Possibly not even then.

I soon find out that it is in fact about to be knocked down, when we pass council signs declaring that this building is unfit for human use.

Guess that makes it fit for vampires?

I am vaguely alarmed by some woman stumbling around wailing at a piece of brick on the pavement, though. I've been in my fair share of rundown buildings, but I've never been around somewhere like this. One whiff of her says drug addict - the smell of burning heroin on her is stronger than her own scent. I'm fairly sure I catch that metallic vampire smell on her too, but I'm not sure... I frown, glancing back at her as beach vampire pulls me up to the door and pushes one of the apartment buttons.

We're buzzed in a second later and I swallow, suddenly realising I'm a little nervous. Grey Eyes said Cancer was the guy he was directing me to for help, but those vampires I came across in the street were under the impression he'd rather shoot me.

I'm hardly given a chance to even consider protesting, let alone get free, before I'm being ushered into what I can only describe as a drug den. I've never been in a more unwelcoming room. The walls are graffitied to within an inch of their lives, mostly with vomit or blood, the floor is bare unless you count drug paraphernalia and addicts passed out on sofa cushions that lost their sofa a long time ago.

The smell is the worst, though. The smell of piss and shit, the fumes from a bong, the puke and the drug laced blood. It makes my head spin.

There's one of the girls that was in the street - the second one - but she doesn't notice me. She's busy snorting a line of coke with another guy. I think he was the quiet one that was with them, but to be honest, I'm more worried about the one standing in the open plan kitchen watching them.

He looks up at me, his black hair falling out of his face as he moves towards me. Beach vampire's hand remains firmly clamped around my upper arm. If my heart beat fast enough, I'd be concerned about him cutting off the blood supply.

"Well if it isn't Mr. Daly," he drawls in an American accent with a smirk, "you've been causing quite a bit of commotion on the old grapevine, y'know."

"Have I now?"  Well there's no point letting them know that I feel nervous now, is there. Cancer hums a soft laugh.

"You can let go of him, Brody, I don't think he'll be going anywhere." Beach vampire Brody reluctantly releases me and I take a small step back from both of them.

That was a mistake. 


The End

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