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 "Well noticed," I mutter.

"What d'you want, newbie?" the other girl asks, thankfully not spitting at my feet too. She looks more nervous than the other.

"What do I want? I want help. What else would a newborn need?"

"Shooting," the first girl giggles, "I'm sure Cancer can help you there." Cancer. That's a promising name.

"Cancer," I repeat, sounding unimpressed. The first girl nods and tries to look me in the eyes.

"If it's survival help you need, you're on the wrong turf." Of course I am. The whole of the goddamn UK seems to be the wrong turf. I glance at the guy, hovering behind the two girls. He's not said anything yet.

"Nothing to add, fella?" I ask with a smile. He shakes his head, taking the second girl's hand, tugging slightly. As one, the three of them turn and flee, leaving me to sigh irritably and punch a nearby wall. "Fuck," I growl. At this rate, I'm gonna just wing it.

I turn around and suddenly realise why the three vampires ran off. Grey Eyes is standing there, his arms folded across his chest.

"Cancer was the one I was thinking of seeing, actually," he says, "but maybe the havoc you've been causing has pissed him off." He walks past me and undeniably wants me to follow. "You know about him, by the way. His real name is Luca. He used to be a junkie. Y'know. A regular smack head. He was pretty much already dead when he was turned. Now he uses drugs to control a bunch of humans and keep himself a steady supply of blood."

Luca... yeah, the name rings a bell, actually. I hadn't been assigned to the case, though. I just remember seeing pictures and names pinned up on one of the boards in the office.

A tall, tanned man steps out and blocks my path. Grey Eyes, of course, vanishes. Cheers, mate. This new vampire is maybe a couple of inches taller than me. Sandy hair, dark eyes. Looks like he belongs on a beach. Which is an odd appearance for a vampire, really.

"Cancer wants to see you," he says, not giving me much of a chance to reply as his hand curls around my upper arm like a vice and he begins to drag me in whatever direction Cancer apparently is. 


The End

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