I wake up alone. Brody left another note.

My friend needs some help. I'll be gone a few days. Sorry, gorgeous.

Cue moping.

Why am I moping? Good question. Beats me.





Grey Eyes is bored. Before, he was quite happy to tell me if I was straying. Now, he's running with me.

"You do like to fuck up don't you," he spits, "making friends with the one trying to kill you. What were you thinking?" I stay silent. Clearly Grey Eyes doesn't seem to understand that Joey only chases me because she's paid to. "'go north', was what I said. I don't ever recall saying ‘go the wrong fucking direction and start chatting with the person trying to kill you' at any point."

I roll my eyes and shove him away from me, speeding ahead of him. Fuck you and your grey fucking eyes, man. I don't need your lectures. With a growl, he vanishes.


When I catch the scent of vampires hanging around, I slow and come to a stop. My recent reunion with Joey hasn't made me forget that I need to find some kind of tutor type figure. Badly.

Finding the vampires doesn't take long. There's five of them. I should probably feel kind of intimidated by the way they all turn and stare at me. But even if it wasn't something akin to fear in their eyes, I'm fairly confident that I'd be able to hold my own should things turn nasty anyway.

Or perhaps that's arrogance.

Who cares?

Two of them glance at each other and nod once, mumbling goodbyes and walking away. My eyes narrow a little. I'm getting fed up of these reactions. No one wants to know.


"Newborn," one of the girls spits, trying to hide the uncomfortable fidgeting behind a tough front. Yeah. You ain't fooling me, kiddo.

I say kiddo. For all I know, she could be older than me. That's the problem with vampires. It's hard to place their age. She looks about nineteen. They all do. 


The End

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