I huff and lean against the tree. I fucking give up with Connor. We agreed we'd let Jesse do this one, since he seems to know what Alex will do better than us, but no. His huge fucking ego can't take it, can it?

I'm amazed the asshole can fit his head through the door sometimes.

There's a rustle in the tree above me and I tense. It's probably just a bird or something, but when you're this wired, you'll shoot whatever moves and ask questions later.

I flick the safety on my handgun off and hold it ready, looking up and around me. Nothing. I should have gone with Connor. Splitting up when Alex is so close was a stupid idea.

But Jesse vanished off to the right like there was no tomorrow. So Alex is off to the right somewhere with Jesse on his tail. Hopefully.

I hear a thud a few metres to my left and spin, trying to see past the trees what made that noise. I don't see anything more than a blur as the gun flies out of my grasp and a hand is clamped over my mouth.

I panic.

I never thought I'd be more terrified to see Alex than I was in the warehouse, but as he pushes me against a tree, a finger over his lips, I whimper.

If there's been a time that my heart's gone faster than this, I don't remember it. 


The End

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