When the sun's made it above the line of tower blocks, Brody kisses my neck and suggests we go back inside. I hum in agreement, but I make absolutely no effort to move. I'm too tired. I would quite happily just lay back and sleep here.

"C'mon, lazy," he laughs, pulling me up. I groan and he picks me up in a fireman's lift, pulling a quiet chuckle from my lips.

"M'not lazy. M'tired," I mumble into his shoulder.

"Sorry, who spent all day on the sofa?" I whack his shoulder and he chuckles. I frown slightly as he carries me inside the building.

"You were asleep. How d'you know I spent all day on the sofa?"

"Well I did have to get up at some point to leave. Which you didn't notice. Because you'd spent so long in front of the TV you didn't notice anything else going on." My frown doesn't lift, but I don't argue. I s'pose I was pretty focused on whatever shit was on TV at the time. He reaches my door and crouches slightly so I can reach the lock to open it. I shift slightly, not especially willing, but ready to get down. But he carries me all the way over to my bed and lays me down on it.

I giggle slightly as he crawls over me and kisses me with a smile.

"Well, I'd been planning to have sex with you after watching the sun come up, but someone's too tired now," he smirks and kisses my neck. Trust me, this is a total case of ‘the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak'.

"Guess you'll just have to settle for spooning," I chuckle, tilting my head to the side as he kisses my neck again.

"Guess I will. Does this mean I can come back tomorrow for my sex?" he asks huskily. Between that and whatever he's doing to my neck, I'm beginning to wake up.

"Keep that up and you might not be waiting that long," I murmur, earning another smirk from him. He slips his hands under my shirt and I shudder slightly - his hands are kinda cold. He kisses me hotly, leading my tongue in a dance and... well, do you really need me to tell you how we spend the morning?

I think I could get used to this, y'know. 


The End

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