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Brody steals my cigarettes from me as I light one for myself. He smiles innocently, putting one between his lips and placing the pack between us. I hold the lighter out for him and he mumbles his thanks as he leans in towards the little flame.

We're sitting on the roof of my apartment block together, dangling our legs off the side. As a kid, I discovered the best way to relax, was to sit on the roof of my parent's house and let my mind go blank. So this isn't anything new for me, really. Apparently, Brody is perfectly comfortable sitting on roofs too. He puts one arm around me, and I lean into him slightly, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Most people wouldn't dare to sit so close to the edge," he murmurs, "let alone with a stranger."

"Should I be worried, then?" I ask, watching the sky slowly turn pink. He shakes his head and smiles. When he was pestering me at work, I was expecting him to fuck my brains out the moment we got back to my apartment. Or possibly before. I mean, the part where he said he was looking for a repeat of last night kind of gave it away.

But I guess he changed his mind. Instead, we had a couple of beers and made out for a while before he decided he wanted to watch the sun rise. I can't imagine the sunrise here is anywhere near as good as the one I saw in Wales, but at least the company's cute. If I get bored of a tower block horizon, I can stare at Mr. Sexy Pants instead.

We sit in a comfortable silence like that and even though I barely know the guy, it's actually kinda nice.

At least, it is ‘til Brody's phone rings. He sighs in annoyance and flicks his cigarette away to begrudgingly answer it.

"Hey," he mutters. Apparently he's not bothered if I hear what he's saying, because he keeps his other arm around me, and I make no effort to move. "He's still causing trouble? Well go put him in his place... yeah, I know he keeps moving around. Deal with it. No, I'm in London at the moment, I told you that like, last week. Keep up." I zone out at that point, finishing my cigarette. Brody had kind of annoyed me before, but in the space of about four hours and a few beers, I've grown to like him a bit more.

But by the sounds of it, he moves around a fair bit. Still, it's nice to have some sort of warning.

"What was that about?" I ask, grinding my cigarette butt into the concrete beside me.

"Just some newbie running around town, causing some hassle for a friend of mine."

"Please tell me that's nothing illegal," I groan. He laughs at that, like I told some hilarious joke or something.

"No," he shakes his head, still laughing, "nothing illegal, you're safe." Still, he doesn't seem like he's about to tell me what the phone call was about. I frown slightly and when he finally stops laughing, he prods the corners of my mouth up. "Dude, cheer up. I'm not in anything illegal; my friend just gets very territorial." I hum, figuring I might as well give him the benefit of the doubt. Well who else would sit on the roof and keep me company?


The End

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