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I'm awake. I'm very fucking awake. Y'know why I'm awake?

Well, apparently Joey's team have caught up with me. I say team - I mean her and Connor. Oh, and Jesse. Yeah... he's tagged along too. I bolted up a tree about a minute ago, though it feels like much longer, and Joey and Connor are hanging around, making the time just pass slower.

I want to be pissed at Joey. I mean, I was under the impression that we were pretty good friends. But I s'pose she's just doing her job. Can't hate a girl for that. You don't say ‘no' to your boss when he's the one who pretty much controls your life with a pay check.

Biting back a sigh, I look around, wondering both whether I should move and where Grey Eyes went. I guess he left when I fell asleep. I chew on my lower lip, glancing down. If I move, it could give away where I am. If I don't, I could end up kind of trapped. Two hunters are usually enough to catch and kill a vampire as it is, but when they're actually working with another vampire...

Let's just say I'm not keen on my chances against all three of them.

I shift slightly, trying to avoid the stiffness I can feel setting in. The branch I'm crouching on rustles slightly and I tense. Dare I look down and see if either of them noticed?

"Where's that fucking vampire gone?" Connor growls impatiently. Oh yeah. Connor hates taking orders. With a passion. I can't imagine he's enjoying being bossed around by Jesse so much.

"He told us to wait here," Joey mutters, "so we wait. I know it's hard for you to contain your ego, Connor, but please try." Oh, so Connor was whining about Jesse, not me. Connor bristles and it's hard not to laugh.

I hear a quiet snapping sound behind me and carefully turn around to see Jesse hopping from tree to tree. He doesn't notice that, though - he's too busy concentrating on being quiet. I watch curiously as he slips and swears loudly. Joey and Connor look over in his direction and he takes off in the other direction, away from me.

"Did he find him?" Connor asks uncertainly, "I wanna go with him." I glance down and see him being restrained by Joey.

"We won't be able to keep up, there's no point."

"I'm beginning to wonder what the point of us being here is," Connor spits.

"To do our job. So shut up and put up." At that, Connor stalks off in a huff, ignoring Joey shouting at him to come back. Now, do I have a little word with one of them while they're apart, or do I get the fuck out of here?


The End

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