Should I be running away too?Mature



Remember when I said how awkward it is seeing your one night stand later on during the day?

Well, either he stalked me there, or just happened to be on the pull again, but I found myself serving a familiar face. I s'pose at least at work I don't have much time to stop and talk to him - drinks to serve and all that jazz.

"Maxxie!" he grins, shouting over the band playing. Damien - the guy I work with - flashes me a look that tells me he approves of this apparent new flame. I roll my eyes. The guy's been trying to get me to find someone to go out with for so long that he won't care that I got so drunk I didn't even remember picking Brody up.

"Hey Brody, what can I get you?"

"A repeat of last night?" he winks and I half smile, glancing at someone else waiting for a drink.

"I'm working, sorry, mate," I tell him firmly, "what're you drinking tonight?"

"Vodka shot," he smiles, not put off by my subtle refusal. I just turn and get him his drink before moving to the woman further down who's been staring at me all evening. She's drunk already. I scowl as she slurs her order, but it's not her I'm scowling at. It's Brody. Instead of downing his shot and going back off into the crowd, he's settled himself on a bar stool. When I glance at him, he looks up and smiles, throwing back his shot.

When I'm done serving a few other people, he waves me back over. I take a quick look up at Damien, who is standing idle at the other end of the bar, leaving me to take care of the only person still sat at the bar.

How I hate quiet nights sometimes.

"Another vodka shot?" I ask. He nods.

"I seem to have cleared the bar," he laughs as I hand him the shot glass. He drinks down the liquor in the blink of an eye and pushes the glass back towards me, his dark eyes flashing in amusement as I take it back and refill it for him.

"Should I be running away too?"

"No," he twists to look at the band, "they're all just more interested in the music."

"And you aren't?"

"Well, there's this really cute bartender-" I cut him off, laughing.

"You need some new pick up lines." He just grins again.

"C'mon," he puts on a cutesy face, "clock off early and spend the rest of the night with me." I shake my head, still smiling.

"I'm already in enough trouble with my boss," he gives me this questioning look and I shrug, "my friend needed me unexpectedly and I couldn't call in and get any time off." He tuts and winks.

"Always did like a bad boy," he chuckles and I shake my head in disbelief.

"You're stubborn, I'll give you that," I say, turning my attention to a woman staggering over towards me. I open my mouth to ask what she wants, but my good buddy Damien decides that I need to keep talking to Brody and pushes me back over to him. I sigh. "Y'know what? I get off work in a couple of hours. Don't drink too much, I don't want you passed out on my bed all day again."


The End

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