"If you sleep there, you'll burn," a voice I haven't heard in a while speaks up. I glance round at Grey Eyes and I shrug.

"I'm beginning to not care," I mutter under my breath, plonking myself down at the base of the tree I'd been heading for. I've been walking around for the last ten minutes, my skin tingling in the light as I try to find somewhere that the sun might not reach me.

"Believe me, you'll care when you feel it." I don't say anything, closing my eyes and leaning back on the tree. "Fine. Give yourself third degree burns, see if I care. Either way, if you're looking for help, I suggest you keep going north, instead of east."

"How comes you know where to get help, but you can't help me yourself?" I ask sceptically. He just smiles. Because that isn't frustrating at all.

"Well, I would say I know as little as you, but you're kinda proving me wrong by refusing to move," he replies slowly after a moment of consideration. I scowl and his smile widens, those slate eyes of his flashing in amusement. He ambles off into the trees, at a pace that pretty much screams ‘follow me'. I stay sat where I am for a few moments. Sure, he wants me to follow, but should I? "Are you really going to sit there and wait for the sun to burn you?" I hear him call, his voice lost somewhere in the undergrowth.

A twig snaps loudly and I freeze as a bird takes off in fright. I look down at the offending stick under my foot and huff. I hadn't even registered getting up or walking off. I'd just absently followed Grey Eyes without even realising. Wake up, Alex; you can't just wander after someone you don't even know. How do you know he can be trusted?

I catch up with him anyways, finding him making himself comfy on the trunk of a fallen tree. I look around and wonder how this miniature clearing managed to escape my notice before. It's perfectly sheltered. Grey Eyes smiles up at me and pats the stretch of trunk beside him. Dubiously, I sit down and his smile widens a little. It's not predatory as I expected - it's almost serene.

I've never had a good chance to have a good look at him before, and now we're sitting here, I take my opportunity to actually take him in. I pull my legs up and sit cross legged leaning forward on my knees as I face him. He copies me, and we both look at each other. He brushes his brown hair back out of his face and tucks it behind his ear, before interlocking his fingers under his chin, once again mimicking my posture. I shift one finger to scratch my jaw, watching carefully as he does the same.

All the questions that were in my head before dissipate as I'm drawn into a game of mirrors. I lean back slightly and lean to the right to look down at the floor, glancing up as he imitates me. I try to peep up at him quickly to see how closely he's copying, but it's almost like he knows what to expect, one step ahead of me.

I think it's safe to say I'd never want to come up against him in a fight if he seems to find me so predictable. I sit straight again and he smiles slightly, bowing forward, one hand pushing at my shoulder. I don't put up any resistance as he pushes me back.


I open my mouth to argue, but my eyes close and the world fades away without me asking it to. 


The End

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