Vampire Heart (working title)Mature

Alex is searching for the vampire who has turned his life into a living hell. His parents and sister were murdered by the vampire when Alex was seventeen, and more recently, his girlfriend Angelina.
This rewrite is told in first person, from different characters' points of view.


This isn't the first time my life has lain tattered at my feet. The first time it happened was when I was seventeen, about nine years ago. This time, I'm twenty six, and I've managed to somehow let everything go wrong all over again.

Not that I could have prevented it the first time around, it had simply been a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This time, I could have stopped it from happening. If I'd been more careful, if I'd been better prepared. If I'd listened to my best friend, Maxxie, when he warned me not to do exactly what I did.

It's hard to know where I should start with what hurts most. Whether it's the physical pain of the cold burn in my body where I lie helpless on the floor of a squatter's apartment, or the mental anguish caused by the loss and the grief and the knowledge that there might have been a different outcome - a far happier, safer outcome.

I let out a heavy sigh and close my eyes against the trickle of blood leaking over my eyelashes. I'm just lying here bleeding, unable to move or help myself, completely immobilised by whatever my attacker had done to me.

And why am I lying here bleeding all over the fucking place?

Because of a certain vampire.

Yes, you heard me right. A vampire. I'm not a nutter, honest. I am, in fact, a vampire hunter.

Anyways, this particular vampire goes by the name of Jesse. I'm ninety nine percent sure this is the guy who ruined my life the first time around, and I've been after him for the best part of a decade. Most vampires decide to make a hunter's life hell after they become a hunter, not before. I don't know what triggered his attack on me and my life, but I'm sure as hell not gonna go down without some kind of a fight about it.

So naturally, the reason I'm in this goddamn apartment in the first place is because I was on Jesse's trail. I found him.

But he'd brought a few friends along.

I hate the ones that cheat.



The End

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