I felt kind of uneasy having to walk between them to get into the room. It was like they were both sizing me up for something. What they were eyeballing me for, I have no idea. I sidled over to the bed and perched on the edge of it, trying to watch both of them at the same time. Unease was not something Lucas usually made me feel – a weird mix of brotherly love and total hatred of him, sure – but not unease. So to be feeling like that around him now... something wasn’t right.

“So, uh, what was all that then?” I asked, “I mean, what happened?”

“I, um... well...” Lucas spluttered, not too sure what to say. “Jesse, help me out here,” he looked at the stranger, who smiled a little.

“I’m sure you’re aware of your brother’s vices,” Jesse said. I nodded, wondering where he was going with this. What had happened to him that had to do with his drug addictions? “Well, the fool went to a new dealer that cut the drug with a... virus, or disease, for want of a better word.”

“So he’s gone and caught something?” Disbelief flooded me. I knew he was stupid, but he always used clean needles, at least. Jesse nodded. “Wait, it was cut with whatever he took?” That took the wind out of my sails a bit. Jesse glanced at him, silently asking if he should continue. Lucas shrugged.

"He probably won't freak too much. Might as well," he told Jesse, who looked back at me. 

“He was given a healthy dose of vampirism with it.” Well that was blunt. I blinked. And then laughed.

“Yeah, right. You know that’s fiction, right?” I could feel my stomach knotting up with the laughter. The seriousness in his voice just made it funnier, to be honest. They were both high as kites. Maybe that’s why I felt so fucking weird, ‘cause I’d never been around Lucas when he was high, only the comedowns. Jesse waited for my laughter to subside patiently.

Lucas, on the other hand, was less patient. “Don’t laugh, asshole,” he punched my shoulder, ripping a pained yelp from me. He looked alarmed at the noise I made, wincing at its volume.

“Gently,” Jesse scolded, frowning as I massaged my shoulder. I wasn’t laughing anymore, so I suppose Lucas got what he wanted.

“I barely tapped him,” Lucas protested.

“What seems like a tap to you is a lot more to a mortal.”

“Well, this has been fun,” I grumbled, already able to feel a bruise flaring up, “but you’re both fucking insane.” I stood up, ready to leave, but Jesse was blocking the way.

“Do you think we’re joking? Where do you think those stories and films come from?” the seriousness in his voice hadn’t wavered a bit and I was actually beginning to have doubts. I shook my head, throwing the nagging sensation that he was making sense loose. He put his hand on my shoulder and I found myself being forced back down on the end of the bed, unable to look away from his eyes. With his free hand, he hooked a finger under his upper lip and pulled it away from his teeth. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be seeing. His teeth looked normal at a glance. And then I noticed that his canines were a lot more pointed than a normal person’s teeth, slightly longer too. He pressed his finger against one ever so slightly, drawing blood faster than he would’ve had he pricked it with a pin. Holding the bleeding finger up in front of me, he closed his mouth and made me watch as it healed unnaturally fast. I inspected his finger for any trace of injury, but there wasn’t any.


“You know how, you just don’t want to admit it because you’ve grown up thinking we’re not real,” Jesse dropped his hand back down to his side. “You’re going to have to come to terms with it at some point, given that you live with a vampire now.” I looked over at Lucas, who was staring holes in the floor. Fuck me was I having a weird dream. When I woke up, I’d tell Lucas and we’d have a good old laugh about it. 

The End

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