The Depths.

Jess felt the sting of sunlight begin to bite into her skin and she hurried with a sense of urgency towards the quickly closing underworld: A mass of tunnels providing effective transport for vampires during the day hours, and as Jess descended it's dark depths she was met with a wave of humidity; a product of the trapped, recycled air, circulating back and forth in the badly lit tunnels, 'Honestly, hasn't anyone thought to keep proper maintenance of the depth's?' And as if answering her question a hunched cloaked figure came into view, carrying a battered lantern and spluttering into his fist, wiping it on the rags he'd probably call clothes,

"Y'allright deary?" he growled, looking Jess up and down in a way that made her feel uncomfortable,

"Which way then?" he growled, licking his cheek and taking "sneaky" glances at Jess' bust. Jess groaned a silent groan and although it was against her better nature she turned up her nose,

"I can find my own way, thank you Mr.Pervert." The Vampire sneered, strolling past the strange gate-keeper as he turned an insulted shade of red, eyes quickly looking away from the enchanting young girl, though taking a last secretive glance at her as she was consumed by the tunnels gaping maw.

    The tunnels were refreshing to Jess, or at least at one point they had been refreshing to Jess; A young naive Jess, stupidly looking forward to her seemingly immortal existence. To that, younger, smaller, naive Jess the tunnels were exciting, a plethora of adventure and mystery, to the tired, lonely, haunted Jess the tunnels were only symbolic of her ever-growing solitude. She hugged her arms and advanced through the darkness, jumping at each flicker as the dim torches at the walls were blown by the faint breeze. Jess listened to the sound of her footsteps echo off of the cold earth and shivered as she felt like an ice cube was being slid down her back, was she being watched?

      Unfortunately for Jess she didn't trust instincts: Strange, animalistic feelings that weren't required for one to lead a civilized lady's life. However, if she'd have chosen to trust the shiver at her back, the feel of eyes hungrily watching as she walked or the faint sounds of fatigued breaths she might've been able to avoid the large hand as it placed it's sweaty palm over her mouth and dragged her silently into the shadow's.

The End

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