He hung suspended from two sadistic chains, leaning forward as his arms extended behind him. His black matted hair had become overgrown long ago and only one crimson eye could be seen of his face, his hair having enveloped the rest.

The rust of the door in front of him was lively with the sound of keys and tumblers as it was pushed open gently by a pair of all too familiar faces,

"Cynthia Look!" Squealed Abel with a concerning ecstasy. Cynthia strolled past him, ignorant to his sadistic tendencies. He lifted his tired head and watched in despair as the alluring figure approached him once more,

"Cynthia Noble?" a thin, whispered voice greeted her,

"How's the dog?" it whispered again. Cynthia smirked and anchored Abel in place by his hair,

"Calm now boy," she laughed, petting his head like a tamed beast. Abel was insulted, no matter what they did to this night-filth he always belittled Abel despite Abel being his tormentor, and eventually his death, though Cynthia seemed to like it, so maybe that was fine,

"My dog's fine Gareth, I'd be concerned for yourself." Sighed Cynthia, her grip loosening on Abel's matted, wiry hair as she grew bored, checking her nails for imperfections,

"I'd learned to stop caring for myself a long time ago, Cynthia." he mumbled, his head falling back into it's depressed, downwards position,

"If Mother taught me anything, it's not to care." He sighed, painful memories flooding his mind, sounds of his pathetic cries falling on deaf ears, the pain, the loneliness. His life was a repeating nightmare, a nightmare with no Mother or Father or Spouse to reassure you from, a nightmare from which he'd never wake.

"So set loose your beast, let him do his worst." He barked at the red-head, her violet eyes widening in shock and her grip lost from the enraged Abel.

Abel whimpered as the bullets whipped past his ear, colliding with the rusted chains and sending the man cascading down to the floor,

"Don't worry," Mumbled Cynthia, her high heeled boots ringing off the cracked stones of the artificially lit dungeon as she left through it's rusty doorway,

"He always does."

The End

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