The library

    Jess stared blankly at the pages of her open book; somehow the words didn't seem to excite and jump out at her her as they once did. As she shut the book it let out a disappointed sigh; the tales of Sherlock Holmes would have to wait for another keen reader to revive his tales.

    Jess glanced over at the tower of books beside her in despair - Was this all her life was to be? An endless existence of literature? The idea still contained a faint glimmer of glamor to Jess though she longed for much more. 

    She had spent over two-hundred years sat in the dark light of shadows, skipping happily through the pages of tome after dusty tome - The Nightluster's libraries were rarely updated and the earliest books in the library hadn't seen this side of the twentieth century. Jess' eyelids stuttered as the shutters slid open, letting the moonlight flood the dusty room with it's shimmering light. Quickly her eyes grew accustomed to the pale light dancing across her paler skin, and she gazed longingly at the white sphere dangling haphazardly in the deep violet sky,

"When will I really begin to live?" she sighed as the sound of footsteps rhythmically sounded on the cold tiles of the library floor,

"Ma petite-amie, such grim talk for such a... beautiful madame." If anyone was ever going to fit the stereotype of Vampire, it would be Victor. Victor insisted upon wearing a suit, usually with a cape, his hair was slicked backwards and he often powdered his face just to give that added "Dracula" effect, blood was running down his right cheek,

"Do you ever get tired of feeding, Victor?" asked Jess dismissively,

"Why Madam! There is nothing more satisfactory than the fading breath at your neck, the pulse of warm liquid seducing your tastebuds, the look of surprise as their life is drained away slowly. They are nothing but our cattle ma petite fille and we intend to cull their numbers." Victor combed a gloved hand through his oily hair, a sinister smirk spreading steadily across his powdered face.

    He lay a glove upon Jess' bare shoulder and she grew rigid and still; Victor was keen on her, Jess knew this, but she didn't intend on ever letting him get close - One so vile as him should never receive the pleasure. She brushed away the white hand and rose from the redwood chair, tossing her velvet black hair playfully over her shoulder,

"Victor Nosfer, I could never court such a vile being as you, please leave me alone mon ami." she said calmly, her hands repeatedly brushing through the long, flowing carpet of hair bunched together by a purple ribbon. Victor bowed extravagantly and threw his arm upward into the night, a black top hat appeared and the rim lodged itself firmly in-between his forefinger and thumb,

"Bon soir, ma petite fille." He bowed again and a sudden burst of purple smoke marked his disappearance from the library, A nosy librarian quickly flocked to Jess' side,

"No smoking!"

The End

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