In-between Realities

    The arc of the moon could be seen vaguely upon the horizon. Both Cynthia and Abel flinched as it's light began to do battle with the light of the sun. Both the freaks and night-hunters liked to call these dangerous minutes between sunrises and sunsets "Limbo" an in-between state where each light negates the other though a burning sensation can still be felt.

    The motorbike was doing all it could to keep it's riders alive; it responded perfectly to Cynthia's commands, swooping effortlessly along the lifeless road. Cynthia's hair flailed manically around her as the bike accelerated down the abandoned desert road and she was glad of the sunglasses she usually insisted on wearing - unfortunately Abel couldn't say the same, his wild hair constricted his vision, though not his breathing considering parasitic beings such as himself didn't need to. A large concrete building was clearly visible as the motorbike bounded over a hill. Two large purple gates adorned it's windowless face and Cynthia knew there was less than five minutes until the sun had properly set.

    Abel sniffed at the air like a hound, a sweet smell had bloomed over the dusty Nevada desert and one Abel was all too familiar with: Freak blood. Cynthia too could smell the blood lingering in the air like a bird of prey waiting to strike,

"It's a trap Abel!" She shouted backwards feeling the grip on her waist loosening as Abel began to let himself be enticed by the stench of blood,

"But Cynthia... Freak blood," he whined his hands now only loosely brushing Cynthia's hips. Cynthia sighed drawing the special 'Abel' syringe she kept safe in a scabbard around her thigh. She used her teeth to tear off the plastic covering of the point and plunged the syringe into Abel's thigh, he slumped forward and rested his blood-lusting face on Cynthia's shoulder.

    Cynthia felt the burning become more intense as the moon began to overcome the sunlight, they didn't have more than a minute to get through the purple gates of the sanctuary though it was less than a hundred metres away and Cynthia was sure they'd be there in time.

    The bike released an ear-splitting screech as Cynthia pulled the brakes on the motorbike swerving the bike sideways through the purple gates and tossing Abel across the tiles until he collided with a painted wall. The gates swung closed behind Cynthia as a chime rang through the building four times marking the end of sunlight hours.


The End

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