Vampire de la lumière

Vampires exist, though it is well guarded secret. There is an even greater secret kept behind the secretive hordes of undead - The Night-hunters, a freak mutant vampire, of natural vampiric birth though the reflected light of moonlight is as deadly to them as sunlight to Vampires. These mutants are often cast aside to be"adopted" by the Night-Hunters. An association that swears revenge on their undead brethren.


    Abel shuddered with delight as the blade pierced the pale barrier of his new captive "plaything",

"Hello there night-child..." grunted Abel, not needing to try too hard to be intimidating and frightening, given the circumstances,

"Y'know... there's only one way to kill you freaks..." he whispered playfully into her ear, forcing her un-dead heart to beat painfully quickly

"So we're gunna try every other way first!" he grinned, running his tongue along her neck and sliding the blade effortlessly along her leg, tearing the light fabric of her tights as he did so,

"Abel!" Called a female figure, shadowed in the doorway by the pale light of dusk. Abel raised his head, brushing the stray locks of hair from his eye,

"Now Abel!" she barked whilst pointing to her feet as if beckoning a dog to her heels. Abel sighed, throwing his new playmate into the path of the sunlight and frowning,

"Cynthia..." he moaned as the last of the ashes danced into the sunlight quickly vanishing as they were burned away, although the smell of burnt flesh still lingered in the air where the ashes did not and to Abel that was some consolation.

Cynthia was a collected girl, keeping her emotions at arms length and never indulging herself in the pleasure some lower night-hunter's felt in their assassinations: Abel was one such Hunter,


Cynthia lowered her sunglasses, glaring at the slowly lowering sun,

"Come on Abel!" urged Cynthia,

"The sun'll be down soon and you know what will happen." Abel scratched his head, cocked one eyebrow and stood up,

"Won't the moon come out?" he asked, clearly Abel wasn't following her train of thought. Cynthia sighed, pushed up her sunglasses and rubbed the small stretch of skin where her nose met her forehead,

"Exactly. And then we'll pull that whole burning trick your friend just demonstrated a few seconds ago." she informed him, his look of child-like confusion quickly morphing into one of child-like understanding, Abel let out a long "Ah" of realisation and gestured toward the vehicle that had parked outside the Vampire hovel no more than five minutes before.

The End

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