Chaper 1

Introducing Gizelle the main vampire character in the story.

With her long flowing black hair Gizelle glided thru the bumping night club. It was a Friday night and the place was bumping with people. A few vampires hiding in the back unnoticed. But her own kind was not her intentions tonight. She made her way to the center of the dance floor and began to move to the music. With her tight knit  black dress that clung to her perfect curves the red lace around the edges setting off her pail skin. It was as if everyone in the rooms attention was drawn to her all at once. She could have her pick of men or women and she knew it. Many approached her but she turned them all away. Waiting for exactly what she wanted.

As she was heading toward the exit her human catch in tow, a tall man with dark hair who towered over her with deep green eyes and a brooding smile, they were stopped by another vampire. "Hello Gizelle, I see you have been busy?" He looked her human companion up and down envious.  "Yes well I have business to attend to as you can see." She gestured back hoping he would leave it and let her pass. "I have a message for you." The other vampire said as she pushed past him. She glanced over her shoulder at him waiting for him to finish speaking, now annoyed that he was holding up her dinner. "Eric has a job for you in Atlanta, a week from yesterday." And with that he vanished into the crowd. Her human friend looked confused. "What was that about? Whos Eric?" He asked, whisking the hair from his face. Gizelle fake smiled up at him and planted a kiss on his neck. "Dont worry about that hunnie, I have much better plans for you and I tonight." With that the human dropped his questions and pulled her out of the club to his car, a all black Lambo with a white stripe down the side. Tacky to Gizelle but whatever made them happy. She climbed into the car and let him drive away from the club. "Where would you like to go?" He asked smugly. "Someplace private darling." She could hardly wait to sink her fangs into this over confident blood bag. He thought he had hit the jackpot with Gizelle but little did he know this would be the worst night of his life.

The End

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