Vampire and the Swamp

It was an cloudy October night, on board a boat drifting through swampland, I came on deck to peer out into the mysteries of the night. Then to my absolute fear as I looked across the midnight air, to see her standing there, pale figure against the mist. A monsters wave of emotion, carved out by desire, gloom and doom. I felt fate, weak and tearful as she gazed through me, her eyes unholy, like stars that had fallen. Unable to escape her, transfixed by her, my heart pounding against my rips, like a terrorfied bird in a cage. I wished I could break free, to fly off this boat, escape what ever terror this monster has devised. But I was locked to the wood below, body of ice, stiff in the sights of living death. Then as quickly as she came she faded before me, a ghost in the mist, a creature of the night who now keeps me up at night. 

The End

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