chapter one part one

Dimitri Belikov is a Dhampir that has dedicated his life to protecting the Moroi; an ancient vampire race from the Strigoi; the vampires that have a thirst for power and immortality and a hunger for the blood of the Moroi. When he is assigned to capture Princess Vasilisa Dragomir who had ran away from St. Vladimir`s Academy two years earlier, he must face her best friend, Rosemarie Hathaway; another Dhampir that will protect her at all costs. Will he find himself falling for her? If so will he b

Something pierces my ears, forcing my head in the direction of its location as some of my hair falls from out behind my ear lobe and shapes itself along the curve of my cheek bone. I look through the window of their room in the house from my spot on the ground about thirty feet away; the shadows engulfing me in the dark of the early morning keep me concealed from human eyes.

I do not see anything yet but I do not look away, for something might happen as soon as I avert my gaze, the piercing sound is still current. I contently stand in the shadows and wait with patience that only Dhampirs could withstand; my patience has paid off, for just moments later I see a figure run in the darkness from one bed to the other, quickly closing the few feet that separate them, though it is too dark to see which of two they are. I go tense as I realize the piercing sound is that of muffled screams, though now they have died down to nothing; is the one the other rushed to hurt?

I take a wary step out of the shadows that wrap around my tall masculine figure; the shadows no longer camouflage my long brown duster, I stand there watching; trying to catch sight of who is who for several minutes until a lamp between their beds submerges the room with dim light, so I slink back into the shadows and watch carefully. I see a feline leap onto the window sill of the open window I have been looking through and it gives a wide berth at the dhampir that sits on the bed, Rosemarie Hathaway’ no surprise, animals don’t like dhampirs, they do like Moroi however; no one is sure why though, maybe because dhampirs will fight animals for dominance more than a Moroi.

The feline jumped off the sill and onto the bed and rubbed it`s head against the Moroi; Vasilisa Dragomir the Princess who was laying in her bed with Rosemarie leaning on the side, watching her with concern written all over her face; the Princess scratches the felines chin affectionately and her tenseness lessons. Why the tenseness was present In the first place, I`m not sure, a bad dream maybe; most likely a dream of the accident.

I see Rosemarie`s lips moving and I know she is speaking, even with my dhampir hearing I cannot pick up on the words, I see them exchange a few words each; then I see princess Vasilisa shrugs and look down, I predict it is to avert Rosemarie`s eyes. Rosemarie shifts her position causing the cat to leap down and return to the window, where he could watch them at a safe distance. The girls sit and have a discussion for a few more moments; then I see Rosemarie tilt her head and toss her hair back, baring her neck.

I see the princess hesitate for a moment, hesitate for what? Then I see it, the hungry expression overtakes her uncertainty and as I realize what her hunger is for she parts her lips slightly; exposing her fangs that she would normally keep hidden since she lives among humans. She leans toward the exposed neck and a wave of fear anticipation rushes over Rosemarie`s features as the fangs hover over the bare flesh. Her fangs bite into her neck and Rosemarie cry`s out from the brief flare of pain that comes with a feeding, then the endorphins quickly take over and fill her with such a joyous rush of pleasure; so I`ve heard.

This goes on for less than a minute; the princess then pulls back, wiping the back of her hand across her lips as she studies Rosemarie, she then says something to the body that lie down on the bed, the figure must respond because in just a just a few moments the princess gets up and exits the room, leaving Rosemarie to lye alone in the high of the endorphins; she tilts her head and observes the feline that is still in its place on the window sill, she speaks to the creature loud enough for my  dhampir hearing to pick up on,

“You Don`t know what you’re missing out on” is what she told him; though his attention was outside; his attention was on me. He hunkers down into a crouch and puffs his jet black fur, his tail twitching. My focus darts back to the dhampir as I see her figure rising to a sitting position on the bed; uneasiness written on her face.

She hesitated moving whilst her expression glazed over; the endorphins are overpowering her ability to gain enough momentum to move. She attempts to stand and succeeds; well sort of, it seems she still can`t right herself. She stumbles over to the window and peers outside which earned a wary glance from the cat, it scooted over a little then returned to staring at me.

A warm breeze shifts the air, abnormally warm for Portland fall. I see the breeze has met Rosemarie’s thick, dark hair, slightly swaying it as she leans out of the building; I had seen a photo of both the girls when I was first assigned this job so we could identify them, the thing that caught my attention though, was Rosemarie`s hair; undeniably flawless, now seeing it in person, even with this distance, it still noticeably shines under the moonlight and the reflection of the light inside.

I have the sudden urge to touch it, but quickly scold myself for thinking that and slightly shake my head as a visible sign. My fellow colleges must capture the Princess soon or the sun will start to rise and the college campus will liven up with witnesses; I look around to prove my theory that no spectators are present and my eyes skim over the next street then back to ours; no one and nothing, apart from the old, mismatched housing that seems to make this street what it is.

I look at the flickering street light that is threatening it`s last glow a meter or two away from my current position; I shift my gaze back to Rosemarie and observe her actions; getting ready to tell the others to make their move; we have been tracking the girls for two years now, though I was not part of the search the whole time as I was transferred here after they had ran away.

We finally have our chance and we are not going to jeopardize it this time. Rosemarie scans the yard with alert eyes and seems to pick up my figure; it seems her dhampir eyes are too vigilant for me to hide this close to the street lamp. She has defiantly identified my position as she jerks back in surprise; I step back, deeper into the shadows; concealing my location once again, if they make a run for it we will be ready; we have this place surrounded.

The End

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