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We had been on the train for almost an hour now. For most of it Emma's been asleep, she must have been waiting for me to wake up practically the whole time I was out. She was sleeping across from me, laying out on the two chairs. We were lucky enough that no one sat next to us. The other seats behind us and on, to me, the right side of the train were all taken, however. I was staring out the window of the train, thinking to myself as the train swayed slightly from side to side do to the track. Construct City... I couldn't help but think back to what Don said.

What you're seeking can be found... in Construct City...” I heard him say in my head.

But what does that mean? “What I'm seeking”. I don't even know what I'm looking for. The men wearing cloaks? The armory? ...Him? ...If he's even alive. I honestly don't even know why I'm going. It just feels like something I HAVE to do. It feels like... it's drawing me there.

I continued to think to myself, when Emma finally awoke.

She yawned, and stretched. “Mmm. Morning.” She said, smiling.

Have a nice nap?” I said, looking at her, yet keeping my position the same.

She yawned slightly more. “Yup. You sleep at all?”

Nah. Too much on my mind. You want something?” I motioned for the girl pushing the cart of food over.

Some chocolate would be great!” She said with enthusiasm.

I laughed a little and thought, “This chick's gonna annoy me.”

The girl got there and asked if she could help us. I turned to her.

One chocolate bar, one chicken leg, and do you have any whiskey?” I placed in my order.

Coming right up, and I believe so sir. I'll get you a glass.” She said.

That'd be much appreciated, thanks.” I replied, happy to hear her say that.

She walked away and I looked back at Emma. She had both her hands in a fist on the table, and she rested her head on them. It seems she was looking up at me, curiously.

What?” I asked, moving my head back slightly.

Why do you like drinking so much?” She asked.

It's complicated.” I replied.

We're not going anywhere, we have time.” I suppose she was right.

Well... you know how it impairs your vision?” I asked.

She shook her head up and down, still resting it on her fists. She mumbled “Mhm”.

Well,” I continued, “if I get drunk enough, I can see flashes of colors. Kinda reminds me I have the potential to be human, y'know?”

That reminds me,” she said, picking her head back up, “I've never met someone... like you. Would it be alright if I asked a few things?”

Sure.” I said, shrugging.

How old are you?” She asked.

Nineteen.” I replied quickly.

...How long have you been nineteen?” I looked at her like she was a fucking idiot after she said that, because she was.

...A few months. I don't have eternal life, genius.” I said, pointing out she was an idiot.

Well, I don't know!” She said, defending herself, “I've never met anyone with this, and I'm kinda curious. How long have you had it anyway?”

I looked back out the window, a little saddened by her question. “...My whole life.”

Placing her open hands on the table, she jumped up. “Really?!” She yelled.

I put my finger over my lip and told her to shh.

She covered her mouth with a slight “oop”. Sat back down and, quietly, repeated herself.

Really?” She whispered.

Yeah...” I said.

Then you can't tell color at all? Like my shirt is just gray?” She said that grabbing her shirt.

It's gray,” is answered, “but I know the real color is pink.”

She looked puzzled. “How?”

My brother.” I said, still staring out the window. “He developed it, but he was already five when the bombs fell. He knew colors and connected them to each shade. Then, with the aura of people, described the colors.”

You're right,” she said, “that IS complicated.”

I could see the women walking down with the food and the drink.

No shit.” I said, before the lady got there.

She gave Emma the chocolate bar, and me the glass of whiskey and chicken leg.

Should I leave the full bottle of whiskey with you?” She asked.

Please.” I responded quickly. I paid her after she put the bottle down, and she left.

Me and Emma started eating, as I looked back up at her.

Anything else?” I asked Emma.

Yeah, actually.” She said, “Don said he was an 'AC'. What exactly is that?”

It means Aura Controller.” I answered.

While still eating her chocolate, she tilted her head slightly. “Aura Controller?”

I looked down, placing my already half eaten chicken leg down. Gulping down the glass of whiskey quickly.

After the war, all warheads and weaponry were basically destroyed, but the damage was already done. Plants were dying... the sun came closer... people were infected. This, for some strange reason, gave people a chance to connect to themselves. Maybe because they felt the end was near... But it allowed them to understand a lot more about the individual aura each had. Giving them a better understanding of themselves. You see, years before the war even began, a monk in the northern mountains was already training. He developed some sense of spirituality and taught his students. A type of spirituality not seen in decades. After the war, it became easier and he pushed it further. With nowhere to go and the realization that it was all they had left, people turned to him. It was an amazing time for people. Some people could help grow plants simply by concentrating. Some could warm their bodies or start fires to warm people around them. Some... could blow things up with their minds. Like all positive sides, there is a negative. People started creating weapons. Weapons that channel this aura into a power. These weapons became known as AG Blades. Aura Generator Blades. The type of spirituality we had going after the war existed of five 'Stages'. Each Stage gave you more power and more control of your aura and powers. The first one to master these... to have passed this down and taught us... was said to have reached a sixth state right before death. Some say the spirituality level was so high he became a spirit. Left his body for something greater.”

What do you believe?” She asked, curiously.

I looked up, sighing and looking back down almost instantly.

Me? I personally believe the power was so great his body gave out... But, the stages of once spiritual gain, became attacks. Maybe this is why the world almost ended in the first place...”

I quickly looked back up, and leaned back against the chair instead of slouching.

At any rate, the people who wield these blades and are able to control their auras are called Aura Controllers. AC's.”

So...,” she asked, looking down for a second at her chocolate, then looking back up at me, “how'd you get involved in all this? Why do you do it? And who taught you for that matter?”

I scoffed, looked to the side, then reached over for more whiskey, grabbing the bottle and pouring it into the glass.

You're quite the curious one, aren't you?” I said, laughing slightly.

She kinda winced like she thought she did something wrong.

I'm sorry. I'm getting too personal, aren't I?” She asked, sadly.

I looked at her face for a minute. She was obviously feeling bad for it. Sighing slightly in my own mind, I thought.

Well, might as well tell her. She's following me, after all.”

It's alright,” I said, keeping a feigned smile.

It... started when I was eight. Vampires are hunted and we needed a way of protecting ourselves rather than just running all the time.” I explained.

We?” She asked, interrupting.

Me and my brother.” I responded.

Oh,” she said, understandingly, “sorry, go on.”

Well...,” I said, “it was in a place called... Georgus. A small simple town. He found a man named Rayek. He's been a Disciple of the monk that passed down his teachings since he was very young. He took us in, cared for us. Taught us how to defend ourselves and use our aura. Most importantly, he taught us how to kill quickly. We don't like people suffering. I trained since I was eight, and my brother was thirteen.”

Wow.” She said amazed, still slowly biting her chocolate.

But enough about me,” I said, stretching to get a napkin in the middle of the table the girl had left, “what about you?”

Me?” She said, looking down and to the side at the table.

Not much to tell,” she continued, “mother died when she had me. When I was five, my daddy founded Calous. It was peaceful... until the Marino's came. I've been a slave to them since they killed my father about six months ago. Sex slave too...” I could see tears start coming from her eyes. I guess I shouldn't have asked.

Fuck.” I thought, looking out the window again.

I saw 3 cowboy looking guys riding horses alongside us.

What the hell?” I said lowly, getting up outta my seat and trying to get a better view.

Emma looked up at me.

What?” She asked, turning around, but having to double check.

They slowly went behind the train. They jumped off their horses and busted down the back door, we were in the last cart, of fucking course. The first one walking in was obviously the leader. He was very big, with long black hair with a few white hairs in the front. Along with a thick black mustache going from his lip to his chin that also had white hair in it. He had a silk tan shit, brown silk pants and brown cowboy boots. Even had the brown cowboy hat. This one however, also wore a long gray jacket. Oh, and to top it off, a fucking golden tooth with a stupid smile. The other two were basically twins. Silk tan shirt, silk brown pants. Brown cowboy hat and boots. These two even wore twin tan ponchos.

They both had brown mustaches and the only clear difference, besides their aura, was one had short hair you couldn't see, and the other had long brown hair. Both of these guys were significantly smaller than the first one.

Okay, listen up, maggots.” The big one demanded, pulling out two pistols, as his goons pulled out one each. All revolvers, terrible weapons.

We're the Hex Brothers. Play nice and hand over your money and no one dies.” The people started panicking when he said that, but Emma and I remained calm.

He then commanded the one with short hair to remain here, while he and the one with long hair advanced. There were only three carts to this train, and three cowboy retards. Perfect number.

The other two opened the doors and started moving. I simply sat there drinking my whiskey as the short haired idiot walked around aimlessly.

Psst,” Emma whispered to me, “aren't you gonna do anything?”

Nope.” I responded, taking another drink. “Not my problem. Just stay calm and quiet and nothing happens.”

She seemed frustrated I wouldn't help.

Oh, c'mon.” She proclaimed. “Someone could get hurt.”

Not getting involved.” I said quickly, finishing the glass.

Hmph.” She was pouting. “If you don't, I will.”

She even placed emphases on the “I”.

I just looked at her. She stared back for a second, but then turned to get up. I grabbed her arm to stop her, and she sat back down fully.

Well then get your ass out there.” She said, commandingly.

I sighed, and looked down at the bottle of whiskey. I grabbed the full bottle and chugged it. The guy had made a full round. He was walking in circles. I could tell he was extremely nervous about this. In every three man cell like this cowboy bunch, each has a roll. There's the brawn—the guy with the black hair. The brain—the one with long brown hair. ...And then there's him—the expendable one.

I finished the whiskey fully, and put the bottle down. He was walking next to me after his little circle guard act. Turning my head, his back faced me. I put my hand on the seat next to me. I held onto it and spun keeping my legs out on the floor. I tripped him and he fell back. I continued holding my hands on it, but moving and flipping them, allowing me to flip and the same leg to swing down onto his chest. Hitting him hard and completely knocking the wind out of him. I stood on him for a second, but got off. I lifted him and, dragging him with one hand, made my way to the back, throwing him off the train.

In the front of the train, where the operator was controlling the engine, the leader of the Hex Brothers busted open the door.

Okay, mister conductor,” the leader said, “you'll be stopping this train now. It's a lot easier to pack up whatever we get off this piece of shit train if it's stopped.”

I-I can't d-do tha-at.” The conductor said, stuttering.

Yes you can.” The leader replied. “Watch!”

The leader put one of the guns back in its holster and with his right hand, punched a hole through the control panel, pulling out wires.

See?” He said laughing. “Look how easy that was.”

The train sparked as it came to a stop.

In the back, Van had just disposed of the first Hex Brother.

I suddenly lost balance. This time it wasn't my eyes' fault. It was the train. It was stopping. It was shaking as it came to an abrupt halt. I could hear the sparks from the wheels grinding against the track, as the train attempted to stop.

I started walking forward, the first one was taken out without a sound, I kinda wanna keep that up. As I walked forward, the people stared at me like I was a monster. Not surprising, they were in high class dresses and suits. Even after the war, some people attempted to maintain some dignity. It's kinda like we went back in time, really. They were like nineteenth century dresses.

I hopped and made it into the next cart. The one with long brown hair was at the open door, watching the big one laugh with wires in his hand. I took my sword out silently and snuck up behind him. I covered his mouth with my left hand and stabbed him with the sword. He died pretty much instantly. Then, the big one noticed me. Damn it. I pulled my sword out and let the body fall to my side.

You bastard!” He yelled, pulling out the other revolver again. I'm kinda sick of revolvers.

He fired one shot, using a small amount of energy from my eyes, I slowed it down. I lifted my hand to my left side and slashed down, holding my blade a little to the side. The bullet bounced to the ground. If I had cut it in half, it might have hit someone.

He gasped slightly and took a single step back. Using both revolvers this time, he fired numerous times. I used a little adrenaline to boost my speed and quickly placed my index finger in the trigger while letting go of the rest of the sword. I spun the sword like a windmill and it blocked every single shot of his gun. Then I stopped the spinning, and grabbed my sword again.

He had a look of terror on his face. Like he couldn't even breathe. He was panicking and gasping.

W-what the hell are you?” He choked out.

I stared at him for a second, with my hat still covering my eyes. Everything grew silent. As if everyone wanted to know what I was. An angel? A demon? A monster? A saint? Thinking about what to say, only one answer came to mind.

Drunk.” I replied, bending my knees and slouching over, holding my sword across my chest, ready to charge.

I jumped forward, and sliced his head off. I landed before I hit the wall, with my knees still bent. I was extremely close to the ground, and I flapped my sword in the air once so the blood would fly off. Then, I grabbed my sheath with my left hand and smoothly put the sword back in. The stunned body finally fell, as the head finally hit the dirt floor outside of the train.

I stood up, and turned to my side to face everyone, who all looked scared of me. I slowly walked back to Emma, eyes and heads following my every step. I hate that look. I can never tell if they're looking at me like a god... or a monster.

The engine's down.” I said to Emma, “Let's go.”

She grabbed her bag and we started walking off the train by the girl who brought me our food. We had already left, but I reached back in and grabbed another bottle of whiskey before I left. We continued walking down the road for what felt like forever... or might have been five minutes. What do I look like, a fucking clock?

As we walked, I noticed Emma's giant grin as she walked next to me.

What's with the grin?” I asked, still drinking the new bottle.

Oh, nothing,” she replied, “you're just a hero.” She looked up to me, smiling.

A hero, huh? Never been called that before. I looked forward again, and kinda smirking, taking another sip of whiskey. Before long we reached another small run down town called “The Pitt”.

What a fitting name.” I thought, looking at this shit hole.

Wow!” I heard Emma exclaim.

I turned to her, which she appeared to have a glimmer of light in her eyes as she stared at the shops closest to the sign.

Can we stop off?” She asked me, turning to me, still with that stupid shimmer.

No.” I said instantly and firmly.

She put her hands together, begging me. “Maybe they have a train station here. C'mon, please, please, please, please, PLEASE!!!!”

Oh my god, if I say yes, will you shut the hell up?” I asked.

Yup.” She said, perky once more.

I think I liked this bitch more when she was scared of me.

I sighed, still with bottle in hand. “Fine.” I answered.

I could hear her saying “yes” as she jumped for joy as we entered the town. I could tell she just wanted to shop.

The Pitt, huh? ...I have a bad feeling about this.

The End

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