Goodbye, CalousMature

Chapter 4: Goodbye, Calous



        It was too late, the gun had gone off. Again, I used my eyes. I could see the bullet creeping toward Emma's motionless head. I dashed for it, jumping in the air and slicing the bullet right in half, then returning the speed to normal.


One half of the bullet landed on the wall above her head. The other at the floor close to where she was sitting. She sat as if she collapsed, and had no energy. Well, the idiot is walking around bleeding. Maybe that has something to do with it. What a dumb ass.


I hit the ground, sliding for a while before I could use my left hand to flip myself. My fedora had fallen off in the slide. I now had my red eyes glaring right at them, with my two legs and left hand on the floor. I must've looked like an animal ready to pounce.


But it wasn't as threatening as it appeared. I was panting. The whole reason I had hit the floor was the fact I'm losing energy. The adrenaline is starting to take effect. 


“Oh?” Don said laughing, “Your eyes wearing you out there, vampire?”


He knew about the effects? How the hell does he know that?


I stood up. “I'm just fine.” I said, exhausted in reality.


He got an angry look again. “We'll see about that--” he quickly looked at his son, “again!”.


The son fired another round at Emma. I'm really getting sick of this shit. I had to use my eyes again. I dashed right in front of her and turn my blade to the side. The bullet bounced back, and hit Marino Jr. in the head. A stream of blood flew out of his head, then his lifeless body fell off the stairs onto the floor.


Don stared at his son's body, life ripped away from it, fall onto the cold, blood-stained floor. He then looked at me in an angry rage. I thought his head would pop.


“You... You bastard! You killed my son!” He yelled.


I moved the sword out of my face and was utterly shocked and confused at his emotions of that.


“You were gonna kill him yourself!” I yelled back, still confused.


“That was all your fault!” He answered me.


Yeah, this is just utterly fucking confusing. But then... the ONE thing I really didn't want happening, happened. I could see it—his aura. It was flowing into the cane sword.


“That's right,” he said, “you can see it can't you? My aura.”


How the fuck does he know so much about me and vampires?


Just then, the blade shined, so bright that I had to cover my eyes with my hand. When the glare was gone, I looked back at him. The blade itself turned into a giant black pistol barrel. With, what appeared to be, golden lines running through the gun. The black pistol itself was a revolver. Which means—six shots.


“Revolver,” he said, “is the name of this weapon. I'm an AC.”


I turned around to make sure Emma was alright. She had this scared look on her face. Her mouth was open, and she couldn't stop shaking.


“A... C...?” I heard her say, with whatever little strength she had left.


I turned back around.


“Emma!” I said, sternly.


Her trance broke, and she looked at me startled.


“...Get outta here, or at least hide.” I continued, “This is about to get dangerous.”


She smiled again slightly.


“Like this wasn't dangerous before?” She asked, as I heard the smile in her voice.


I laughed a little, and smiled too. “...Touche.”


I clicked the black trigger on my handle, as my aura rushed to the blade. Suddenly, the blade had blue lightning circling around it. It was the same color as my aura.


“You're an AC too?” He asked.




“What of it?” I replied.


“Nothing... but they didn't warn me of that.” He said lowly, looking to the side. He appeared to be thinking.


“Warn you?” I asked.


He turned back and immediately pointed his gun back at me. He squeezed the wolf head with one finger, and one giant bullet flew out. The bullet was black, and fired so fiercely that the air started getting hot around it.


I stood still and sliced down the middle. The bullet cut in half. One side hit the white corner, and the corner blew up. I could see straight outside. But that was solid marble. The other hit the solid steal door, and made a huge indent to it. That was a bit TOO close to Emma.


“You... blocked it...? How...? How is that possible?!” He screamed.


I looked up and held my blade up, flatly in front of me. So it would on eye level for him looking down.


“...Lightning. It makes my blade sharper than any bullet you can fire.” I said, calmly.


He was infuriated. Grinding his teeth until they cracked slightly, then he calmed himself.


“...I see,” he said, grinning AGAIN, “Sharper than any one bullet, maybe. But can you defend four?”


I gasped at the claim he was making as he pointed the gun again.


“That last attack was called 'Single Shot',” he said, “This is Multi-Shot!”


He squeezed the other four fingers down, and three out of the revolver and one out of the barrel came out. Four bullets—all aimed at me. This time, with such force the air actually burned up. It turned into a golden flame.


“Shit!” I thought, as I turned around to see Emma, struggling to get up.


Again—my eyes were my only option. I used them and grabbed Emma by her waste with my left hand and held her under my left arm. I looked up, and there they were. Four bullets about to crash down. And considering what half of one did, I don't wanna get hit by four.


“Fuck.” I said, as the bullets landed.


There was a huge explosion of dust and dirt. The four bullets had blown away the floor by the door completely, marble pieces were blown everywhere and a dirt cloud hung over the area the bullets hit, making it impossible to see.


“Yes!!” Don exclaimed, “Got you! Got you, you motherfucker! I win!”


The dust kept.


He scoffed and smiled. “Guess I shouldn't have destroyed the body... They might be a little mad at me.” He started laughing again.


“They?” I said, nice and calmly.


He turned around, shocked and scared to see me, holding Emma with my arm, behind him.


“H-how...?” He choked out.


“Looks like I wasn't out of energy after all, huh?” I said, sarcastically, dropping Emma.


“Damn you!” He said, turning the gun back to me.


I placed my blade inside the barrel before he fired.


“Alright,” I said, “let's see whose aura is stronger.”


He tried firing, but with my blade and aura pushing his back, his gun exploded. There was a small explosion and he fell back, off his pedestal, landing on the floor. Opposite side to his dead son.


I jumped down, when I landed, my leg gave out slightly and a stream of pain ran up my leg. These eyes can really become strenuous. I walked over to a Don who was struggling to lift his upper body up. I placed my sword under his neck. No longer using my eyes, or my aura. It was now a regular sword again.


“Okay, now who's 'They'?” I asked, demanding.


He coughed up some blood while looking to the side, most likely from the fall.


“Ha... Ha-ha-ha... You'll... You'll never stop them.” He said, struggling to talk.


“Who?!” I demanded.


“My... employers.” He responded.


“Employers?” I was confused, I thought they worked on their own.


“Yes... employers. The ones who gave me the weapons.” I could see his aura fade, he was dying.


“They've...” he continued, “been looking for you, Van. They would have killed my son if I didn't. At least, if I killed him, he wouldn't be tortured. Don't you get it yet?!” He coughed more blood up.


“Not really, no. Why are they looking for me?” I could see life leaving him every second. I needed to extract information as quickly as possible.


“You can't beat them Van... They were the ones looking for you that night...” I gasped when he said that. I think my heart skipped a beat...


“They'll destroy... everything. So many... weapons.” He would die shortly... No more reason to hold my sword.


I sheathed the sword as he collapsed, unable to hold his own weight.


“I... sided with them. I... wanted to keep my family alive. Can... you blame me, vampire?” It was... as if he was confessing his sins to me. He wanted to get the pain out before dying.


“No... I can't.” I responded, looking down. I... couldn't watch him go for some reason.


“You don't blame me...” I could see it as he spoke those words... tears. “...Can I ask... one final favor of you?”


Who am I to deny an old, crying, man his last request?


“...Sure...” I said, softly.


“Can... you bring me to my son...?” Without thinking, I picked him up, and walked him over to his son, and placed him next to him.


He stared at his fallen son and continued to sob.


“...My... son...,” he whispered, “I'm... so sorry I dragged you into this...”


He coughed up more blood as he attempted to reach for his son. Out of nowhere, I heard a gun cock and a bullet flew, nearly hitting the old man's hand. I turned to see a weakened Emma holding a gun.


“What're you doing?!” I exclaimed.


“Get outta the way, Van.” She demanded.


I held my arm up with my back turned to Don.


“No. He's dying—this fight's over.” I stood firm.


She started crying. “He killed my father, Van!”


I gasped, and turned around to face Don.


“Is this true?” I asked.


“Yes... They made me... I'm sorry... little girl... I never wanted to... I had to protect my family...” He started bawling. “Can you... find it in your heart to forgive me...?”


She collapsed back on her knees, bawling.


I turned back around to Don, his life force almost gone.


“...Leave in peace.” I said.


“Heh... He-he...” he said, with what little energy he had left. “Who woulda guessed... A vampire would show me more humanity than any other ever had... In return, I will tell you... that what you're seeking can be found... in Construct City... Thank you... young man.”


With that... his life force faded.


I turned and walked to the steps and started walking up to get Emma.

I bent down to be on eye level with her.


“...You okay?” I asked.


She continued to cry, but managed to get out. “...Yeah.”


I grabbed her hand and helped her up.


She was looking down until something hit her. Like she remembered something and had a jolt of energy. She quickly looked up.


“John!” she yelled as she began running down the stairs.


I turned to watch her run, and raised my open hands to my side in confusion.


“John?” I said quietly as I began walking down the stairs. Stopping only to pick up my hat and dust it off.


She ran over to a caged door, that originally looked like a back exit. When I reached there I saw a man tied with shackles, kneeling. His ragged clothes were covered in dirt, and brown hair looked completely unwashed. A small bowl was in front of him, along with a metal cup. He looked completely starved.


“Please,” she said, turning to me, “free him.”


I motioned for her to move as I stepped closer to the cage. A few fast slices with my sword, and the cage was down. The bars were sliced open, and we could now enter.


We walked up to him, who looked up with the little energy he had. I sliced his shackles off and he collapsed instantly on the floor. Emma bent down immediately trying to pick him up slightly. She managed to flip him and get his head on her lap. He was passing out.


“The men...” he said faintly, “in cloaks...” He then passed out.


“Cloaks?” I asked. But then it happened.


Pain shot up through my whole body—the strain from the adrenaline had finally taken its toll. I collapsed... Blacking out, I could hear her calling for me. Was she... worried about me? Then, I blacked out...


I woke up slightly. I went in and out of it. My vision was black. I think I was in a hospital bed. I could see two figures talking. One looked like a man, the other a women.


“...oing with him?” I heard the man say.


“Yes, you can handle things here.” The woman figure responded.


“How do we know he's not one of them?” The man didn't seem to take too kindly to me. “Look at him—black boots, black jeans. This guy wears everything black. So did the men in cloaks. The only thing not is that stupid half vest. It could carry weapons!”


I wear a tan half vest, it reaches my left shoulder, but not my right. Covers both sides of my waist though. It was a gift... from someone I won't forget. But the pockets in them are actually for emergency water in case I'm in a fight or can't get anywhere. I can get dehydrated easily.


I could hear her respond, but it was all mumbles now. I was blacking out again... shit.



I woke up, now with full consciousness. I struggled a bit to lift my upper body.


“Don't strain yourself! You've been out for two days.” I heard a woman’s voice say. 


I turned my head and saw Emma sitting patiently on the chair next to me. How long has she been waiting there? I struggled a little more to turn and face her,  hanging my feet off the hospital bed.


“Wow.” I thought, looking at her.


She looked totally different. Wearing blue converse, blue skinny jeans, and even a rippled pink shirt. She even had a silver and blue metal bar choker on. She seemed... happy.


“Did you wait for me to wake up?” I asked.


“Yup.” She answered swiftly, nodding her head. She was bouncing her legs too. She seemed REALLY happy, and really impatient.


She ran over and gave me a hug.


“Thank you... For saving me. And John. And the whole town!” She squeezed tightly.


“Ow.” I said and winced in pain. My body was still sore.



“Oh, I'm sorry.” She said, letting go.


She sat back down and I thought for a second...


“Oh shit,” I said. “I don't have the money to pay for a damn hospital bill!” I shouted, pointing my head to the ceiling.


She giggled.


“Don't worry about it,” she said, closing her eyes and pointing her head to the side in a preppy manner, “the town knows what you did for them. No charge.”


My eyes widened.


“R-Really?” I asked.


She opened her eyes again.


“I'll go make sure.” She said, running off.


I laid back down for a second and thought about the events that had just taken place. It was kinda nice, actually. I don't like being noticed... but this attention wasn't bad. I liked this place... which gives me all the more reason to leave.


The men in cloaks. The armory. This just doesn't bode good things. Just doesn't sit quite right in my stomach. I have to leave. ...It can't happen again.


I sat back up, turned back to my side and stood up. The sword was at the side of the head of the bed. All cleaned for me. Huh... Emma's kinda useful. I grabbed my sword and made sure my hat was covering my eyes, and walked out.


Walked right past the front desk, where Emma was talking to the receptionist.

She didn't even notice or stop me. I guess that's the way it should be. But... for some reason I felt sad.


Before I knew it, I was at the train station. Sitting down on the bench, waiting for the Twelve O' Clock train to Construct City to arrive. I sat and thought. Thought that if there was ever a cure, and I could live freely—this is where I want to be.


Twelve O' Clock. Right on time. The train had pulled in the station. Walking to the steps, I turned around for a minute. Looking back on the town I might've saved, I silently prayed it stayed safe. No one harmed these people further. I... kinda liked it here. I turned back around and took another step.


“Van!!!!” I heard a woman's voice yell.


The only woman that could be yelling that is... Yup. I figured. I turned to see Emma running after me with a backpack. She caught up to me while I was still on  the stairs of the train. I turned fully around to face her.


“And just what do you think you're doing?” I asked, scoffing slightly from amusement.


She was panting from running. “I'm... I'm going with you.” She choked out, trying to catch her breath.


“And why would you do that?” I asked, folding my arms, and leaning my side on the train wall.


“There's nothing for me here.” She said. “I wanna go with you. I've been a basic slave for so long. I want a new start.”


“You trust a vampire?” I asked, sarcastically in a way. No one trusts us.



“Well, you saved my life after all. If you were planning on killing me, I don't think you'd do that.” She said, to my surprise.


“What about your boyfriend?” I asked.


“Who, John?” She asked, placing her hand above her mouth, and quietly laughing hysterically. “He's my brother, not my boyfriend. He was the basic second in command. The sheriff, in a way. Now that my dad's gone, he'll become Mayor. He doesn't need me.”

I raised my one eyebrow and smirked.


“You sure this is what you want?” I asked... kinda happily.


“Yeah.” She said, and for the first time, I kinda felt something from her. She had a spark in her eyes now.


I turned back around and let out a sarcastic sigh.


“Alright. C'mon, then. Who am I to deny a girl her dream?” I laughed.


“Her dream?” She looked at me like I had just said the stupidest thing in the world, but she couldn't help but laugh.


I turned my head and looked at her.


“Just hurry up.” I said, still smiling.


We got on the train and sat down.


“So where we going?” She asked, enthusiastically.


“A little place called--” Before I could finish, I heard the train operator come on the loud speaker.


“Next stop—Construct City.”




The End

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