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Chapter 3: Hello, Don




        I stared at the people in the bar, as it was nerve racking feeling their glances back. Emma herself was so paralyzed by what had just taken place, she just kept staring in astonishment. Seemingly forgetting about her bleeding head—and the pain. Keeping my head down, I walked to the counter and placed the money I owed for the drink down.


Turning to my side, I said. “...Good day.” As I slowly walked out of the bar.


As I walked out of the bar, people's heads followed me. As if I was some demon, walking amongst them. ...Guess they're not too far off. They even kept their mouths open in awe. Some little girl in the corner was shaking. Her parents were covering her, hiding her eyes. Yes, little girl. Hide from my sins. Just... never thought I'd scare another...


Walking out of the bar and down the road, I had an epiphany: I'm a fucking idiot. I could have avoided all of this. Just sat back and went unnoticed. Not only did I injure one person, but killed six people AND left a goddamn calling card.


My shoulder was suddenly grabbed, yet I couldn't sense who it was. Now, with so many assassination attempts on your life, it kinda leaves you with a reaction of turning and pulling out your sword.


As fast as I could—I spun. I took out my sword and held it to the attacker's neck.


...This is why I should avoid people.


Gasping, the only sight I saw was me, holding my blade to Emma's neck. Emma—the girl I just saved... I could've killed. Me and people? We don't mix too well.


She looked up to me, crying. ...It reminds me of the day I try so hard to forget. ...Her look... I'll never forget that look. I expected, from what I saw, some form of scorn from her. Some sense of hatred...



“Thank you...” is what she said.


She was... grateful?


“I never thought anyone would help me... would draw any attention to themselves... Especially a vampire.”


She knew...


As she continued to cry, I finally dropped my sword, which I held there without realizing. I turned to my side as I sheathed my sword, preparing to speak.


“...If you know what I am, you shouldn't be following me.”


She instantly collapsed. Just fell to the floor and bawled.


“Thank you... Thank you, thank you!” She cried.


Someone praised me? Why is this girl thanking me? I slaughtered six people... right in front of her eyes. Vampires are killing machines—nothing more.


“You... can find Don Marino at the mayor's office.” She said, so very softly.


“Why do I need to know that?” I asked.


She looked up at me, her tears slowly stopping. She was sniffling and wiping her tears off her cheek.


“...You said you'd kill him, remember?”


“Shit! I totally forgot I went that far.” I thought, “Act cool, act cool.” 


I turned around to walk.


“So I did... I'll take care of that then. See ya around, kid.” I started walking, confident that I left seeming suave.


“...It's the other way!” I heard her yell.


...Damn it. I stopped with a face that could only read “fuck”. I turned fast, putting my hand to my mouth and clearing my throat.


“I—I knew that.” I managed to choke out.


So much for looking suave. I started walking, as she let out a little chuckle. I even thought I saw a smile. I'm sure, if I knew the meaning of the word, it would  have been beautiful.  


Walking down the road, a big white office came into view. It was white marble, with white decorate columns. They were sculpted, and the building itself even had those spherical shaped roofs. It struck me as strange. Why would a rundown town like this have a building as well crafted as this?




On the top of that, where the columns ended and the roof began, was placed a carved word, in what appeared to be sold gold.


It read “Mayor”.


“This is it.” I thought, “This is where I draw the most attention to myself I ever have. Killing the Marino boss.”


I sighed.


“This is gonna get me on someone's naughty list. I just know it.” I said to myself.


On the inside of the building, the Marino's were talking about their current issue.  The one Van had just defeated knelt before Don Marino.

Don Marino sat in a white throne. With a cane with a silver wolf head, wearing a fur coat. On the outer side it was black, but on the inside had a tiger's fur. He was claimed to have killed the last remaining tiger. He sat angrily looking at his fallen son. He was a short older man. When he was angry, his wrinkles would get closer together and white hair would stand up. The ones that surrounded his head, as he had a bald spot on the top of his head. Another sign he was extremely angry, is his very thick     

white mustache would lift on one side. Around the room was at least twenty more henchmen. The room itself was all white, with treasure chests decorating the floors. Some filled with gold, some with weapons. Paintings that seemed high class and expensive drenched the walls. There seemed to be a back way out, but the room itself was covered by a cage door. It was bars, not wood. All leading to the center, the elevated steps to reach an overly elevated throne. Showing the depths of the Marino's greed and arrogant pride.


“Father please...” The one Van defeated said.


“Enough, Valentine!” Don Marino screamed, “You've failed me for the last time. Even if you are my son, such disgrace cannot be excused!”


He stood up, even fully standing, he was only about the size of his son kneeling.


“I'll have your head for this, my son.” He spoke those words low and soft. As if to show some remorse for what he was about to do.


He held the cane head, but grabbed the cane, pulling the rest of it off. Revealing that it was really a thin sword, and the wolf head was the handle.


As he held the sword to his son's neck, he closed his eyes for a second.

“Goodbye... my son.” He said, once again, sounding like he was already in mourning.


Then, before he could swing, the two big brown steal doors began to open...


Van approached the two steal doors, knowing full well, once he opened them, he had to be the last man standing.


I walked up to the doors that could easily seal my fate. Silently questioning what brought me there in the first place. What blew my cover so fast? What made me attack them? I'm not even one for fighting.


Placing my hands on the doors of my own destruction, I slowly pushed them open. They were heavy, probably steal. But why would a mayor need steal doors?  I'm guessing this is all reconstruction the Marino's made. They must be dealing with heavy artillery.


The doors were finally open, I saw a small elderly man holding a cane sword to the neck of the Marino I had let go. He had a strange gray aura, but I immediately felt he was the leader. The stripes on the inside of his long jacket were tiger. That kinda pisses me off. I like animals. They don't judge me. And again, same suit under it. I don't care how old this mustache covered dick is, I'll still kill him.


“Sorry,” I said, “didn't mean to interrupt. By all means, continue.”


Ohhhh, man. Did they look pissed.


“That's him, father! The man who killed your men!” The fallen Marino yelled.


The father dropped the sword from his sons neck, turned to his side to look at his goons and yelled. “Get him!” All while still clenching his blade.


He looked nervous. Good.


One came at me from both sides. Each wearing their trade-mark suit. Using my right hand, I grabbed the sword that always hung to my left. I quickly swung from left to right, cutting them in their stomachs. Blood squirted out like sprinklers as the hit they floor. Judging from the depth on the cuts, even if they lived, they would soon bleed out. Blood soon covered the, even, white floor.


Everyone remained silent. Don just sat and stared at me, his veins starting to show on the top of his head, through the wrinkles.


He turned and looked on both sides at his remaining men. “Well...?” he said, “What are you all waiting for? Kill him, you fools!”


They all charged me this time. I jumped forward. Spinning, I sliced one's throat open. I landed as the blood shot out and blinded a goon on the other side. Kicking him back into another goon who caught them, I charged and stabbed them both in the heart, then pulled my blade out. I turned and jumped up, swinging my leg down and slamming one's face into the floor. I then used him as a kick stand and landed in the group remaining. They all charged at once.


Using my eyes, I slowed them down. Seeing everything, I spun in a circle, keeping my blade out, about five fell from fatal cuts to their stomachs. One charged, and jumping, I spun and kicked him in the back of the head. I turned when landing and sliced up diagonally. I cut him in half, mostly. It was diagonal, so one part still had an arm. I was tempted to give him a high five.


Turning my  head around, I saw one trying to jump on me. I ducked and as he started flying over me, I used my eyes. I saw him in slow motion, the look on his face wasn't anger. It was fear.


“I'm sorry.” I whispered, stabbing him through the neck.


I pulled the sword out in time for him to fall. The once white floor was now stained red. Even the one with fear started bleeding profusely from his neck.


The last four charged me, all in a line. This would be too easy. I charged them, but jumped toward them when they were closer. I jumped to their side, not directly at them, so in the air I spun and sliced one's head off. His head flew up, and in the split second I turned, I could see Don watching it, with this amazed and fearful look on his face.


As I fell I stabbed one directly in the face, the sword went through the back of his skull. He fell and landed as I kept my sword in his skull, balancing on the recently made corpse. I kept my open hand on the blade that was still in the corpse, that now slid down my blade as if it was nothing more than a fruit sliding down a knife. Keeping my balance, I stretched. I bent my back and legs toward the next one, keeping my head up, despite the fact my chest faced the opposite direction.  I proceeded to grab him by the neck with my legs, and tossed him into the air. As fast as I could, I stretched my body back, landing on the bloody corpse, with my blade still stuck in its head. I pulled the sword out, and jumped into a back flip. I held my sword out, so it was like I myself was a spinning blade. It cut him in half from the waste up.


I landed and stared at the last one. As the body fell, it appeared to about to land on me. But then, right before it hit me, it split in half. With each half landing to my side. And blood raining on me and in front of me.


Time slowed for me. Watching it rain blood... It was like it had the potential to be beautiful, the slow rain. But I know its color is red. Which... takes that potential away. Blood gushed out at the floor beneath me, along with sliced up organs falling out of the diced corpse. I might not see, but I can smell. And it smelled awful. With all this death and decay... I can't help but wonder if I will ever see beauty.


The last one ran away, so I threw the sword. It hit him in his back, and he stumbled. Damn, two times it was shallow. I'm getting rusty. I dashed and jumped. A straight kick to the sword was all it took. It pushed in, directly on the right part of his chest. But I kicked too hard, I could hear his ribs cracking. Then, sure enough the whole sword went through him. Bursted out the other side and got stuck in the wall. I landed, and he fell.


I couldn't help but stare into the bleeding hole that now encompassed his chest. The blood that flew out of this chest led a trail all the way to my sword in the wall. Unfortunately, blood was even dripping off the handle. ...That's gonna take forever to goddamn clean.


I walked over and pulled it out of the wall, walking back to directly in front of the stairs. The one I had just kicked pulled out a knife below my feet. He was struggling to lift it.


I looked down, saddened by his attempt. I whispered, “You could have lived...” As I looked away, I stabbed my sword down, into his head.


I stared at Don, who's frightened look suddenly turn to an enraged laughter.


“Oh, I've heard about you... vampire.” He said, laughing. I then pulled my sword out of the body. Returning it to the stationary position at my side.


“Black trench coat? Black fedora? Yes... you must be him. The same Van that caused the destruction of F--”


“Shut up!” I commanded, “You know nothing about me. Or that night. Shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you!”  


“Touchy, touchy.” He said, just as confident as his smug son, “But you see, you won't be shutting my mouth. Just as things didn't work out then, they won't work out now. You're at a disadvantage.”


His son stood up, and pulled out another pistol.


“The pistol?” I asked, “That's my disadvantage?”


“No,” Don said, smiling as he pointed behind me, “...she is.”


I turned and saw what bad luck I had. And what horrible timing she had. It was Emma, trembling, and scared.


I turned back around as fast as I could, lifting my hand up.


“Don't!” I screamed.


But... then I heard it. The gunshot.





The End

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