A story taking place after WWIII about spirituality.

After WWIII radiation infected everything. Some people were infected with AM—Advanced Monochromacy. You see no color, except for the aura of people. It can give you an idea of who they are, but more importantly allow you to draw on their life force to strengthen yourself. You must look into the eyes of the person, that will allow the life force absorption—healing wounds and giving you strength. These eyes give you a great reaction time. You can slow time down during life or death situations more than a regular person can. But this strain on your body from the adrenaline can leave someone drained. Absorbing life forces can lessen this affect significantly. The three major weaknesses of this disease is the drain on the body, the huge sensitivity to light, and the sensitivity to temperature. A strong light can blind you completely because of the gray nature of your vision. The last weakness is because of the absorbing nature of the eyes, they are sensitive to temperature. Because of the increase in temperature around the world it is always hot. This makes them constantly thirsty. Some people seek this. Others shun it. It makes existence with these eyes hard. People with this disease have been dubbed... Vampires.   

The End

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