The room was black, except for some pale rays of moonlight seeping through a tiny crack in the wall. A silver ray landed on the face of a girl. Her eyes were narrow, shining like amber beads. Her hair was long, twisting into slikcy golden ringlets. Two fang pierced her blood red lips.

The door creaked open. Light flooded in. The girls eyes narrowed even more than they had naturaly. A man hidden by a hooded cloak stepped in.

"Antoinette de Pompodour. A pleasure" He knelt beside her. She dashed to the opposite end of the room. He held out his gloved hand, greeting her. "Uniel de Pompodour at your service." Antoinette glanced up. Uniel's hand whipped up, his palm facing the door, which rapidly slammed shut. He flapped his hood down, showing her a pale face. He was young looking, perhapes around 29. His voice gave away that he moust have been change a long time ago. Maybe 200 years or so.

"What do you want?!" Anoinette snapped. Her voice much younger sound than the gentleman's. She stared into his black eyes, waiting on his reply. "Well?"

"We need your help." He slumped himself comfortubly against the wall and continiued. "There has been a breakout. Many vampine have broken free from a prison in the north, there-"

"Wait. What the hell is a Vampine??" She interuped.

"It's someone who has vampire blood circling through their vain but thay've never transform fully. It makes their mind impossible to control. They're all locked up for the safety of the vampires."

"Okay, go on."

"Anyway, we belive that their going to attack some of the biggest vampire empires, and are planning on assasinating the vampire council." Uniel explained.

Antoinette looked confused. "Yes, but why are you telling me this. It's the army's responsiblity."

Uniel rolled his eyes. "You've been locked in here pretty much your whole life, for murder. Isn't it obvius?" Antoinette shock her head. "You're an expert in all martail arts, amazing with sword work. You've got the best aim i've ever seen. We won't you to stop them."

She looked at him, half in shock. "But why should i belive your not lieing?"

"I'm family. Well, i know we're pretty distant, but i'm doing you a favour. Whatcha say?"

The End

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