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Every day gets longer and harder. I walk the streets just as a human would. People pass by and I give them a smile. September 23, 2010: Same old routine, get up, get out of bed, take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed (suit and tie), grab keys to apartment, leave. As im walking to work I thing the same things, whats today going to be like, why are humans so ignorant, what should I get for breakfast, should I get a coffee. As much as I know, today is going to be just like any other day. Out of nowhere this beautiful girl walks by. brown eyes, brown long hair, perfect smile, long blue dress, 4 1/2 inch black Jimmy Chew heels. This girl is not only absolutely stunning but she has this delicious scent. Its an amazing scent, not her perfume…, its something else. A few days pass and all I can think about is that girl. The next day I see her again. I go up to her and ask her for her name, she responds with “Autumn, and yours?” after we exchange names and phone numbers we head on our way. I call her after work and ask if she would like to have some dinner, she responds with “id love to.” About a week later we start dating. Then one night whileim walking her home she says she knows a shortcut. She takes us through a few ally ways and then when we are almost a block from her house, she trips and cust her hand. The smell of blood fills the air. I help her up and I try my hardest to resist. I finally give in and I press her against the wall. Im breathing heavily now and the only thing I am able to say is “im so sorry.” She gives me the look that can be described as her saying “please.” I feel my teeth grow and the hunger escalate. I open my mouth and bite her. As I bite I can feel a crunch from her neck and I taste the blood fuch doen my throat. It feels and tastes so good. I keep sucking and I feel her body slowly go limp. The girl that I fell in love with is the girl I just killed. The part I will remember forever and that will haunt my dreams is the feeling of her struggling. The feeling of her slowly giving up and dying. After I am done feeding I cantthink what to do. So I move, right away I leave that place. I am now in aresona


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