Valley of the Flames

*Take 2*

Our once peaceful village was burning. Soon there'd be nothing left to it, and it's dusty grey ashes would blow away in the wind. Soon everything good would be gone, the love, hope and faith of the people would be to weak to survive.

It was just father and I left. No mother, no Yasmine and no Asad. They were all long dead. Tears run along my blood stained cheek as we ran from our home, or what was left of it. Father lead me up the east side of the valley. In the time of peace, there had been a beautiful view from the peak of that hill.

"Sho," Father's voice had turned hoarse from the smoke. He knelt down so he was face to face with me, whincing from the sting of his wounds. "Sho, you need to listen to me." He raised his soot covered hands and wiped away my tears.  "You've got to get away-" He coughed furiously. "Far away-"

"What d'you mean? You're coming with me." I sniffled. "You're not going to leave me alone?"

He squeezed my shoulder reasuringly. "Of course not," He whispered kindly. "You will never be alone. I just need you to be safe."

A man suddenly appeared behind father. "C'mon Suud. We need to go now."

"Give me a minute!" Father barked. He turned to me again. "I need to go. I need to help everyone elso to get away safely, okay?" I nodded. He kissed me on the forehead, stood up and ran back down to the village.

I dug my dirty nails deep into my palms to stop myself bursting into tears again.

Suddenly there was a crash from behind me. From the top of the hill an inky black shadow had appeared. It blinked with two flaming purple eyes. Chaos erupted.  Everyone skatered, but I was stuck in place. And then it saw me.The last thing I saw were it's burning eyes.

And then the cold darkness...

The End

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