Chapter Two - AlexMature

I arrived at the classroom with some excuse about having to leave early for work all ready and waiting in my head... to find the teacher absent. About four heads turn up to face me as I enter the room, all wearing the same mask of absolute boredom, wishing they could be anywhere but here. The guy nearest the door made me hesitate a little.

Zaire, known to others as 'that weird punk kid.' He had recently transferred from some small town in America and hadn't quite grasped the 'norm' for British teenagers yet. Personally, I liked his appearance. He had his jet black hair shaved at the sides and styled into a loose mohawk where it grew long on top. He had sharp features; a hard jaw line, hard cheekbones and hard dark eyes now fixed on me. My gaze quickly averted, cheeks warming slightly. Even though I had nothing against his physical appearance, there was still something about him; he could reduce you to a nervous wreck with a simple look. I found him highly intimidating. 

'Didn't expect to see you here Alex.' I recognized that voice instantly. Ellis, the guy I had known since I was about five years old and trusted with my entire life. I grinned at him.

'What are you doing here?'

'Same old same old.' He shrugged. 

'Always getting into trouble,' I rolled my eyes. 'Where's the teacher?'

'She ran out to get something. She's been gone flipping ages.'

'Then what are you still doing here?' 

'Because I'm a good boy Alex.' Ellis batted his lashes at me. 'Besides, if she comes back and finds me gone I don't think she'd be happy.' 

I shrugged my bag off my shoulder, deciding to wait for the teacher only so I could retrieve my phone, and took a seat next to Ellis. One look out the windows told me it was virtually pitch black outside. I was going to have to walk home in the freezing cold dark. Yet another reason to hate my teacher.

The other two people kept to themselves. Isobel, the shy, quiet girl had her head bent over a piece of work, earphones in and Tom, the normally loud obnoxious teenager who was only quiet because none of his friends were around, was now leaning back on his chair with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. He was also listening to music. Ellis and I were the only ones talking.

'How long has she been gone?' I sighed impatiently. 'I don't have all day. Places to go, people to meet.'

'Like who?' Ellis raised an eyebrow at me, knowing full well I had nothing better to do. 

'I have a date with Bradley Cooper.'

'The Hangover?' 

'Of course.'

'Love it.' 

I took a look at the clock hanging up on the wall which told me it was quarter to five. I frowned, where was she? I was more concerned about getting my phone back than the well-being of my teacher. I had already been here fifteen minutes.

'What time did she go out?' 

'Erm, about five minutes before you arrived?'

'Are we the only ones here?'

'There's us and the cleaner I think. Everyone else has gone home. Lucky them.'

A noise coming from the window made us all jump. Isobel's head shot up and I realized she hadn't been listening to her music; she'd had it on mute this entire time listening to our conversation. 

'What was that?' Ellis stood up.

'Dunno,' I shrugged. 'Sounded like something hitting the window.'

BANG. Much louder this time. Someone was thumping on the window, from the outside. They sounded panicked.

The End

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