Chapter 13


Chapter Twelve

She had felt safe in the red-heads arms. He was strong and warm, his voice kind when he spoke. He just wanted them to stick together.

The cave was cold, but it was dry and safe from the wolves howling in the distance. This valley held many dangers, she could feel it. Something was hiding in the shadows.

Iris seemed to know every inch of the valley, her actions we so confident and strong. She had known about the cave before they ever saw it. She didn't falter when she walked through the trees, never tripped. She was a piece of the forest it seemed, a piece of nature. A child of the earth.

Kana wrapped her arms around Arella's as soon as the boys set them down, her golden eyes watching the darker end of the tunnel with fear. "I don't like it in here..." She whimpered, her body trembling.

"Suck it up, at least we're safe." Iris snapped, her green eyes fierce. "Would you rather be eaten by wolves or deal with a little darkness?"

The girl moved closer to Arella, her eyes wide, but she kept her mouth shut.

"We need a fire..." Hale muttered, crossing his arms over his bare chest.

Rayne nodded in agreement, rubbing his arms. "It's only going to get colder."

Kayne looked at the two, his amber eyes glittering with confusion. "How can you be cold?"

"How are you not cold?" Snapped Arella.

"He's the fire kid, remember?" Iris rolled her eye. "He's internally warm at all times."

"How would you know?" Rayne asked.

"The forest tells me these things. It says he's a danger. Fire burns wood. There you go." She said pointedly,k setting down an armful of dried kindling. "It's all I can find without going out there too far." She shot a look at Kayne. "Do your worst."

The amber-eyed boy looked at the wood with wary eyes. "What am I suppose to do?"

"Figure it out, it's in your nature. If you don't, the rest of us will freeze." She sat down against the cave wall. "I've done my part, we are safe from the wolves, now do you part, fire boy, keep us warm."

Arella felt sorry for the boy. Iris's demand mad him uncomfortable, his amber eyes wouldn't meet anyone's gaze. "How? I don't know what to do."

"Try, Kayne. You can do it." Arella murmured softly, a sweet smile on her lips. "What do you have to lose?"

Those gentle amber eyes looked at her, the dark blue irises persistent and warm.


He smiled and nodded. "Alright."

The End

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