Chapter 11


Chapter Eleven

The group was nothing special, just a random group of misfits with wings.

"You." She pointed to the ginger kid with out hesitation. "Your name is Kayne. Enjoy."

She stalked over and slapped her hand on the icy stone. "This better give me some answers."

The pattern flashed by once before bright, white light took over the six.

"I see you have all made it..." A dreamy voice echoed around them. "Good."

Above the crystal stood the image of a woman with snow white hair and pale milky skin. She glowed and glittered with a pure clean light. She didn't have wings though. She was normal.

"Welcome to my valley." She opened her eyes, which glowed like mini snow white suns from her sockets.

"Where is this valley and who the hell are you?" The boy named Rayne demanded, his dark eyes flashing. This was one to watch.

The woman chuckled softly. "I am Genesis and this valley is unknown to those who never visit it. Protected by my enchantments, there is one way in. I call you here and let you enter. Only one way out, pass my test and i will show you the way out."

"Name your test." Kayne challenged, his amber eyes flickering just as the flames do.  He was dangerous.

"The test is different for each of you. You will have to figure it out on your own." She smiled, her mouth twisted up like it was holding something back, vicious secrets and plans.

"Why did you bring us here?" Arella asked, her blue eyes watery with unfallen tears. "What did we do to deserve this?"

Cry baby... Iris thought. Leave it to the child of water to be a wimp...

"Because, each of you are different, each of you are special, powerful." Those eerie eyes scanned the group, stopping at the the ones at her feet, the defiant green meeting glowing white. "Enjoy your time here, it maybe your last time on Earth." And she faded away.

Iris felt a change in the area around her. The game had started.

The End

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