Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

He landed with grace in the middle of the clearing, folding his wings behind him. The circle of people just started, shocked.

"Hey guys!" He laughed, brushing his wind-swept, silver hair out of his eyes. "Any clue as to where we are?"

"You can fly?" The dark-haired one asked. "How did you manage that?"

He shrugged. "The wind taught me." Glancing over the circle, he locked eyes with the golden-winged girl. "Kana."

"Is that my name?" She asked softly.

"I guess so, you're the one he remembers..." The dark haired boy replied. "I'm Rayne and she's Arella." He pointed to a pretty blue-eyed blonde. "What about you?"


"Hale!" Arella smiled. "Your name is Hale, you're the one I remember!"

Hale. It felt right, it fit as well as a name could fit.

"What about you?" Hale asked the boy with the red hair, the one that juat kept sitting off to the side silently.

"I don't know yet..."

Hale frowned. Why was he the only one that didn't know yet?

"We are still waiting on one more person that we know of, a girl named Iris." Rayne explained. "She should be here soon if she follows the same pattern.

"How do you know for sure?"

"We have a name without a face and a face without a name...." Arella said simply. "You should touch the rock, you have to check in."

Confused, Hale let her pull him to the flashing crystal, setting a hand on it's cold surface. The pattern ended, just the pulsating green light flashed in the crystal dome.

"One left." Kana said softly, taking Arella's hand. "Then maybe we can learn some more information."

"Looking for me?"

The group turned, a green-eyed girl with wild brown hair walked out of the trees, a smile on her face.

"Iris." Rayne smiled.

"Must be."

The End

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