Chapter 8

Chapter 8

He was ready to scream. What was this place? Who were those two? What was going on?

The girl's smile faltered. She knew how he felt. She did the guy with the red wings. Neither of these people could help him. he could feel it.

Iris. That was who he was looking for, the girl named Iris.

"Is there anything you can remember?" The girl called Arella asked, her blue eyes hopeful.

Aren't we all little girl? "Just a name. I'm looking for some girl named Iris. I get the feeling she knows something."

She nodded. "I'm looking for someone named Hale, any ideas?"

He shook his head. "If I know him, I don't remember him."

The red-head frowned. "I found a face to the name I could remember, not that it helped me out any, I still know nothing."

"So you're saying don't get your hopes up." The dark-haired guy grumbled.

"Pretty much."

"So what do we so then? Sit here and wait for somebody to show up?" The girl asked, pulling at her long blonde hair. She was really cute with those deep blue eyes and such a small graceful form. The wings were a little off putting, but then agian, his wings must have been just as odd.

"Well, we all ended up here on our own. Maybe somebody else will come along too..." The ginger kid suggested.

"But how do we know that there are others?" The girl asked. "How can we be sure?"

"We both know names with faces missing , so there must be somebody to match them. " The black-winged boy said. "We just have to wait and see I guess."


The three turned to face a golden haired girl, her sunset eyes wide with fear.

"See, I told you..."

The End

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