Chapter 6

Chapter Six

Waking up next to a glowing rock was not the most comfortable thing in the world. Then you add in that the crystal started shaking and pulsing with bright lights.

Six times it flashed, pause, six more flashes of bright light, the colors repeating in the same pattern, blue, black, gold, silver, green, red, over and over.

The boy stood, shaking out his bright ginger hair. What was this place? It was pretty and all, but it felt odd.

And who was he? What was his name? Was this his home? Surely not, it didn't make sense. nothing was familiar and he felt out of place here.

The water holds the key... A harsh, hungry voice growled in his ear. The water holds the key...

Key to what? His memories? His name? Where he was from?

Some thing dragged behind him when he walked, something heavy and bulky. Looking back, a pair of dark red wings lay limp on the ground, the tops attached to his shoulders.

Finding the muscles to pull them close to his body proved to be difficult, but he found them, flapping the wings, fluttering the feathers, shaking the dirt out of them.

A bush rustles on the other side of the clearing, behind him. Turning he watched a blonde haired girl struggle with  a pair of powder blue wings stuck on a branch. She was cussing and spitting, her bare feet cut and bruised from walking.


The name came out of now where, just appeared in his mind. Was it her's? Was she Arella?

The girl freed herself, brushing her scattered hair back from her face. She didn't even notice him as she straightened her dress and pulled sticks and leaves out of her hair and wings. She was cute in that dress, her long hair shimmering in the sunlight. She was so small and petite, those wings long and graceful. She turned, those sapphire blue eyes colliding with his.


The End

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