Chapter 5

Chapter Five

The trees around her danced, branches reaching for her, longing for her. The steady oak that held her far above the forest floor shuddered as she sat up in it's branches, her hand running over it's rough bark. They seemed to be singing, the different tones of the forest reaching her ears. The sound was perfect harmony.

She may have felt peaceful, but this place was so unfamiliar, welcoming, to a point, but it didn't feel like home. There was something else humming through the trees, something secretive and cruel.

Moving to jump down, something caught on the tree behind her. looking back she saw a pair of dark green wings stuck in the branches.

Are those mine? There is no way....

Pulling the wings free, she jumped down, her dark curls falling in her face. This place was weird, she could feel the enchantments surrounding the area. And the fact that she couldn't even remember her own name was bothersome. Picking through her mind there was only one name she could think of and there was no way it was her's.


So not her's. The feel of it wasn't right, it didn't fit her.

Catch the air, it holds your answers... The rumbling voices of the Earth muttered before falling back to sleep.

The air? How could something she couldn't see help her? It didn't make sense at all. Nothing here did!

She shook her head, fluttering her wings in annoyance, testing the muscles.

"Looks like I need to explore." She walked in the direction of the strongest hum, towards the middle of the forest.

The End

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