Chapter 4

Chapter four

The boy shook his head, sitting up. This was defiantly not where he had gone to sleep.

The cliff hung out over the densely wooded land, the drop a sharp twenty foot height. And no way up, down or across. Glancing up, there was tall, tall mountains surrounded by clouds high above his little out look.

The harsh mountain wind thrashed his silvery hair around, whipping it into his eyes. It was angry, he could feel it. The balance had been upset.

This was so far from home, where ever home was. So far from the ground for that matter.

Search for the earth... The wind howled in his ears. Search for the earth...

But it was there, just  below him, twenty feet down. how was he suppose to get down?

Standing to stretch, he felt something brush his legs. Feathers. Pale gray wings were attached to his shoulders, strong and graceful. Powerful.

It didn't take him long to figure out how to work them, to stretch them and fold them. Looking out over the forest he wondered who else was out there. Would any of them know who he was?

He chased words around his head, searching for any clue as to who he was. He could only find one.


He closed his eyes, savoring the name. It may not have been his, but it was beautiful.

Testing his wings one more time, he took a deep breath. And jumped.

Gliding over the trees on wings of gray.

The End

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