Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Waking up in an open meadow was the perfect way to put someone in a happy mood. With all the warm sunshine and clear skies, the bright colored wildflowers dancing all around you in the wind. Smiling, she sat up, her hair whipping around her face in a mess of dark gold. She laughed, a sweet happy sound that seemed to make the day just that much brighter.

But where was she? Who was she? No names came to mind besides one.


No way that was her, it just didn't fit. She shifted to her feet, the white cotton dress swirling around her long slender legs. And gorgeous gold wings wrapped around her body.

The feathers were silky to the touch, smooth and sleek, not a single one out of place. Moving them proved to be a challenge, the muscles stiff and stubborn. But eventually they folded up close to her body, allowing her to move with more grace as she crossed the meadow.

Seek the dark... A bright, cheerful voice whispered in her ear. Seek the dark...

She flinched. She may not remember her own name but she did know she strongly disliked the dark.

A small creek gurgled over the rocks in it's bed not far off, the clean, clear water glittering in the sunlight. The girl stopped at it's edge, catching a glimpse of her reflection. All stick straight dark gold hair and bright golden eyes. She was beautiful.

She took a deep breath, looking up at the forest just a moment away. Maybe she would find her answers in there.

With a strong, steady step, she headed into the trees.

The End

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