Chapter 2

Chapter Two

He opened his eyes to darkness, the silence ringing in his ears. Not a sound to be heard, not even the drip of water. Rising to his feet he looked around. The cave was pitch black with just a faint glow at one end. Deciding that was his only choice, he walked towards the light, his footsteps echoing off the walls around him. He made his way out of the cave. And into the sunlight.

Even outside the trees were silent. No birdsong, no animal calls. Dead silence. This was weird, where was he? Defiantly not home, not that he could remember home.

Reaching up, he ran a hand through his thick black hair, the shaggy bangs falling back in his eyes. There was a strange weight in his shoulders, pulling at his skin. He rolled his shoulders, stretching, the weight just got worse with certain movements. He slid a hand over the skin of his back, his fingers finding soft feathers.

Shocked, he twisted to find a pair of jet black wings that had sprouted from his shoulder blades. He flexed his muscles, pulling the wings up with some difficulty, like the muscles hadn't been used in quiet some time. Unfurling the wings to their ful span, roughly seven or eight feet across, he was down right amazed at the strength in those graceful muscles, the great mass of black feathers were heavy, but not unbearably so. Silent and as dark as night, he could have been deadly.

The thought made him uncomfortable. Was he a killer? Did he murder in the night? How could he know?  He couldn't even remember his own name.

The light holds the answer...  A deep husky voice droned, like it didn't like being woken up. The light holds the answer...

There was light all around him, so where was his answers?

He wanted his history, his name, but only one came to mind.


A girl's name, defiantly not his own. But maybe she held some answers.

He walked into the trees, listening for signs of life.

The End

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