Valley of the Angels ((Chapter One))

Ok so I remembered a roleplay i was a part of a long time ago and it was about a bunch of people trapped in a valley with no way out. So this is just something I decided to do!!

Chapter One

She woke up in a panic, gasping for breath. She could feel the water in her lungs, her chest burning for air. Sitting up, she coughed, her body shaking violently, forcing the water from her body.

Sucking in clean fresh air, opening her eyes to the world around her for the first time. The crystal blue lake lapped at the shore she lay on, tickling her bare feet like the water wanted nothing more than to touch her skin. All around the lake was beautiful forest land, but not a single creature moved between the trees and no birds could be heard. The sky was clear and bright, the weather warm and calm, a perfect summer day. How come such a pretty, peaceful place was so empty of sound?

The girl got to her feet, her long blonde hair wet on her back, her wings heavy with water.

She paused. Wings?

The pale blue feathers were soaked through and heavy to lift, but they were defiantly attached to her body.She tested each muscle in turn, finding which ones moved the wings, folded them, spread them. It took her a while but she could soon flutter and flap them weakly. She was not about to jump off a cliff and fly, maybe glide into a tree if she was lucky but there was no way she could fly.

She had a strong feeling she wasn't the only one here, that there were others like her.

What exactly was she anyways? Human or freak? Was this a dream?

Behind her, bright, gentle notes sounded, singing out to her. Turning, she looked to the lake, the water seemed to be singing to her.  She stepped up to the edge, her toes barely touching the deep blue water. Looking down at her reflection, she saw a stranger looking back.

Those blue eyes were the same color as the water, that long hair a pale blonde and shiny in the sunlight. A white dress fluttered around her petite frame. And pale, sky blue wings sprouted from her slender. This girl was beautiful in every sense of the word.

Who was she?

Look to the flames... The musical voice of the lake whispered. Look to the flames...

The flames? What did that mean?

The girl looked down at the image in the water, trying to placea name to the face. She couldn't find one. The only word she could find in her memory was definatly not her's.


Look to the flames. Maybe she could find answersthere.

Turning her back on the singing lake, the girl headed off into the trees.

The End

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