More Enter the Camp

Me and Kun have begome really good friends. But i've been thinking a lot about father lately. About what he said. ALJI? What, or more likely where? I want to ask Kun but i don't want him to get angry.

Everyday more people enter the camp. Sad, cold and injured. Me and Kun have been moved out of the main room and into a new one. The new room has about five beds but only two are being used, until today.

Two boys and a girl came in today. The boys are the same age as i am but the girl is younger. She's called Nima and there called Ram and Tiy. Tiy is a small boy. He has shrot, blond hair and brown eyes. Ram on the other hand is tall. His hair is simalar to Tiy's. But his eyes are grey. Nima, she's small too but thats because she's young. She's got long black with blue highlights.

"Hey Ram, can i ask you something?" I ask. I ask him a lot because he's the smartest. He nods his head. "Wheres ALJI??"

He hesitates. "I heard a legend once. About Alji. The gods made a secret kingdom called Alji where they kept all there prisoners. The kingdoms guarded by the demons."

I gasp "Fathers in Alji........." I begin to cry. Ram puts his arms round me. I'm going to find my father if it's the last thing i do!!!!

The End

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