Meeting Kun

I wake up suddenly, in an unknown place. There are many other children around my age. Most are sleeping. But there is a boy beside me, sitting cross legged on his bed. He has dark hair, spiked out. He is wearing a black shirt which is open, revealing sone nasty burns on his chest. It reminds me of my burned arm which jas been bandaged.

"Hi there.." I say hesitantly. I've never been very good at meking new friends but since i have no one else i need to try agian.

"Hi..." He replies. His voice is soft and gentle like Gang's was. He turns to face me. He has twinkling, blue eyes un-like my dirty brown ones. "Whats your name?"

"I'm Shu, yoour name is?"

"Kun. I'm from the Forest tribe. I'm guessing your from the fire tribe. Am i right?" He asks.

"I'm not from any fire tribe! Fire is death! Fire is what destroyed my family!!" I shout harsly. I sigh. "I'm sorry...i.."

"Oh i'm sorry." He say sarcasticly. Then he seriosly sowers his voice "The flames killed my family too, and they almost killed me." I suddenly remember his scars. There was a long silence.

"Well, whan tribe are you from then???" he says.

"I'm air. I'm sorry about before. But i really need a friend."

"So do i." Kun tells me. We smile.

The End

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