It was a dark, cold wind ripped night, the silver rays of a bright moon patterned the ground, creating black shadows, as Elisia lowered herself down from her window, to the cold ground below.


Valeria stood at the bottom of the garden, waiting silently for Elisia. She stood tall, her fair black hair just past her shoulders, her skin a pale colour. When Elisia had climbed down, she walked over to Valeria. Elisia was a proud girl, she had long brown hair down to her hips, she was a black belt in karate, so no one messed with her, OR even tried. Her eyes were a deep brown, boys swarmed her, but she didn't bother with them. She and Valeria together are Lethal.


When they turned off the street it was quiet, Valeria brought her long sleek arm up, and looked to her watch. It was just past midnight, they were careful where they stepped, not to leave a trace of where they went, or where they had been.


They stepped into a small hut, it was dark, you could not see, when Valeria lit a candle, Elisia looked around her, people were closing in on her, she cowered back slightly, then she felt something ram the back of her neck. Valeria stood there, with a grin on her face. She pushed the others out the way, and knelt down by Elisia, she rammed her mouth to Elisia's neck, as her canines grew. She let her canines sink into Elisia's neck; she moaned at the copper taste of blood, she closed her eyes, as she felt Elisia slowly fall limp. But she left blood in her body, just enough to turn her.


Elisia woke up, she moaned as she did, she felt like she had woke up from being drunk, or worse. Her vision was blurred badly, she tried to stand up, but fell back down, she heard Valeria's voice, "Oh it's ok, you'll live..." She smoothly laughed.

Elisia finally got to her feet; she lost her balance for a second, but regained it. She slowly walked to Valeria, still feeling slightly confused. "W-Why am I here Valeria?" She asked weakly, "Oh you will soon find out, as soon as it's feeding time" she replied smoothly. "W-What? Feeding time? But I’m not hungry?" Elisia replied confused.

The End

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