Valentine's Surprise

It was Valentine's Day, but she had long ago given up hope that he would care, or even remember.  He hadn't bought her anything for Valentine's since they were dating.  They'd been married for five years, and she nearly felt forgotten.

Christie poured Alex a cup of coffee and carried it over to where he sat at the table.  He grunted his thanks and kept his eyes glued to the television.  The news was on detailing the outcome of some hockey game he had watched the night before.  She wasn't entirely sure why he needed to watch the news report on a game he watched, considering it wasn't likely that the outcome had changed since the previous night when his favourite team had won the game.

Going over to the stove to start fixing herself breakfast, Christie stifled a sob.  How long had he been ignoring her?  She was glad they hadn't had any children yet, or she would be feeling a lot like a single mom.  He was never home.  She was very lonely, and often thought of having an affair, but she loved him too much to do that.  His secretary saw him more often than she did, which was rather unfair, as far as Christie was concerned.  She was his wife, after all.

"Going to be late tonight," said Alex.  "Heading over to Mike's for beer."

Christie sighed.  Yes, it was too much to hope that he had remembered it was Valentine's Day.

Later, after Alex had left for work, Christie went to their bedroom to get dressed and found something oddly out of place on their bed.  A single red rose, just sitting there in the middle of the bed as though it had fallen from the sky.  Where did it come from?

The End

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