Devils DelightMature

His hand moved slowly but thoughtfully up and down her thigh. Cami moved her neck giving him better access hoping he would take her lips. He stops kissing to run the tip of his nose across her pulse. Cami pressed her fingers more firmly to his leg and she felt his chuckle in his throat.

“Hmm someone wants more?” He hummed as his other hand brushed over stomach and going under her jacket stroking over her blouse.

“Do you live far?” Cami asked her voice huskily. Where this new found confidence was coming from? She felt his smile on her neck as she flicked her eyes to the passing scenery.

“A little further, you know that nothing has to happen right?” He said seriously making Cami turn to face him.

“Are you backing out on me now, after the speech and following me to the bus stop?” Cami was surprised, yet looking into those frost blues she saw how honest he was about not pushing her.

“I mean it Cami; I’ll follow your lead, if you say no then that’s fine. You can go home anytime you want.” Frost blue eyes assured her wrapping his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck.

Cami thought for a moment before deciding to step off curb for a change with men. Without a thought for the taxi driver Cami moved in her seat, her eyes alight with mischief and felt confident as his eyes widen.

“Cami what are you?”Frost blue eyes asked intrigued by her sudden movements. He soon got the message when she came face to face with him as she lowering herself onto his lap.

“Follow my lead,” Cami whispered as she moved her hand up to his neck and tilted her lips close. His lips were upon her gentle at first but Cami was having none of that and pushed herself closer to his body. Cami felt his tongue run across her lips and opened her mouth allowing him access to meet her tongue. His hands grasped at her bloused covered back. Cami was running her hands through his blond hair as she heard his moan of desirer and felt it as well as she moved her hips.

Blue eyes pulled his lips away and they both stared at one another, “I’m glad I followed you.”

“Me too, but I’ll let you take over,” Cami pressed her lips to his cheek and trailed sweet kisses down his neck.

“As you wish,” he says and cups under bum. Cami smiles as he spreads his fingers and he brings his lips back to hers.

The taxi makes a turn and suddenly Cami’s head bounces on the soft roof as they go over the speed bump in the road.

They both laugh at the interruption, “ouch, are we close to your place yet?”

“Come here,” frost blue eyes gently kisses her forehead, “we’re here actually.”

Cami’s quickening heart jumps. After the nights events she was finally going to let this strange man have his way with her. Cami unwrapped her legs from frost blue eyes and slightly prayed that she never meet the taxi driver again as she stood on the path staring up at the newly built apartments.

His hand fell into hers as they walked in silence, Cami body was tingling all over as her mind imagined his bare skin on hers. They didn’t look at one another until he pulled against his front door and leaned in with his intense frost blue eyes.

“Sure you want me to take the lead?” He asked in a low voice, his minty breath washed over Cami as she breathed him in.

Cami stepped closer and gripped his shirt in her hand, “only if you can handle me.”

A confident smile swept across his lips as he pulled out his keys and opened the door, “I’m sure I’ll manage.” Frost blue eyes said as he opened the door allowing Cami to step inside first. Cami wasn’t on her feet for long before he pulled her to his chest and ran his hands across her waist.

Cami didn’t need any more encouragement as she brought her arms around his sturdy shoulders and leapt her legs up around his waist. Their mouths met roughly as they explored each other again, Frost blue eyes pushed her against the wall and jerked his hips forward making her moan in delight. 


The End

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